Welcome to the Challenge! So excited for everyone that is in on it! It has grown in the last couple days so I wanted to write out a couple points so we have some direction. There are 19 days left. If you have not joined yet, get in on it! Why? Well at the end of 19 days you will be leaner, happier and may have formed some great habits! So really, why not?

The “Leaning Down” is somewhat self explanatory but I want to touch on the “No Complaints” part. So what we all know is negativity breads negativity. The more you complain, the more things you find to complain about and so it goes. You can honestly form a black cloud over your own life. “Bad things” happen to everyone but how you deal with those things is what will set the tone for your life. It is about not getting caught up in the bad things and focusing your energy on the good things. Many times blessings in our lives will show up and come in the form of something that seems “bad” at first. Why not just have faith that everything will work out for the best and take right action everyday? I know with my own life I have a lot of “stress.” If I sat around and got caught up in my stress I would have a mental break down.

The last few years of my life have been challenge after challenge. But one thing that runs through my life and has for the last 5 years is my change in attitude. I make a real effort to have a great attitude every day. It is not an accident. I made this happen for myself and I continue to re-new it everyday. For the next 19 days I want you to try these 3 steps to a complaint-free life. They are simple, take no time and will make you feel like a million dollars. Go into this knowing that this will work and really do it (*you DO NOT have to do join in on this challenge, if you choose not to, that is fine but I am not inviting you to inform me of everything that is “hard “ in your life and why you can’t change it around). If you are looking for someone to jump on the “life is hard and sucks – train” you are looking to the wrong woman. If you are looking to change things around and want some support I am here! So here we go! Here are your 3 steps:

3 Steps to a Complaint-Free Life

  1. Each morning before you get out of bed I want you to just say “thank you.” Just take a moment to be grateful that you are alive, here and living your life.

  3. Each time a negative thought comes into your mind I want you to laugh and replace it with a positive one and be grateful. Example – “the kids are driving me nuts” – You are going to say to yourself “I am so blessed to have a family. I am so grateful to have happy, healthy children.”

  5. Every time something nice, great, fun, funny, interesting, or loving happens in your day say to yourself “I am so blessed, I am so grateful.” What you will find is your day is going to be filled to the brim with wonderful things. At first you will be hunting for these big, great things to be grateful for but then you will realize that you life has blessings every second.

Have you ever stopped to think how amazing your body is? The fact that we can wake up, sleep, eat, walk, digest food… all of it is amazing!! Be grateful for the things we take for granted every day. You may not have your dream home, dream job, dream body but you have the best in someone else’s eyes. Be grateful for your home, your job, and your body. This is the best and only way to bring great things into your life. You can not bring better into your life if you are not grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you have right here and right now. From there, if you want to change them, work at it! Take action not including resentment or complaining.

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So now that we know our new mind-set here are your “leaning out” tips. Follow these and you will find yourself lighter, free of bloating, decreased appearance of cellulite, losing weight, skin tightening and leaning out. Watch your energy increase and you confidence rise. Why not do this for 3 weeks? Anyone can do this for 3 weeks. Who knows, you may just form lasting habits that create amazing things in your life. Here we go, your top 5 tips for leaning out for these next 3 weeks!

5 Tips to Lean Down for Summer

  1. Drink 3 liters of water each day – Just think, beautiful skin and flushing toxins and fat. That can make anyone gulp it back!

  3. No Alcohol – None, zip, zilch! Alcohol is basically sugar. On top of that it slows down fat metabolism for up to 3 days after consuming it.

  5. Sweat Each Day – for 40 minutes (5-6 days a week) – Really sweat! Challenge yourself. If it is “easy” it is not good enough for real change. Need fresh challenging workouts? Join one of the DAMY Health programs.

  7. Eat All Whole Foods – Nothing boxed or processed. That means no take-out. If it comes through a drive through window, it is not real food. Focus on Veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats and Fruits. Keep it clean, simple and natural.

  9. Get Enough Sleep – Try for 7 hours. When you sleep a lot goes on. You recover, rebuild and burn fat! Lack of sleep = lack of results. Get it in.

So here we go! I would love to have a positive conversation about how everyone is doing on the DAMY wall (link here). Lets encourage each other and really make these next 19 days left amazing. You can change your life. It is not a dream; it can happen and will as soon as you allow it to. I am here to guide you, encourage you and let you know that you can and will do this as soon as you truly want to. Lets do this!! I am so excited to have you all join me on this challenge!


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