We are preparing to launch another eBook at DAMY Health!!!  This one is called ’31 Days to a Better YOU’ and I am so excited about its launch!  This eBook is in a mini-course format and should be completed over 31 Days.  Each day the reader will adopt a new health and wellness tip to their lifestyle.  After the 31 Days the reader will have all the tools they need to live a healthy, happy life!

The eBook is based on Amy Layne’s Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Tricks.  It is packed full of other information including recipes, motivational quotes, small tasks/challenges, in-depth information, and proven techniques.  We have supplemented the 31 Days to a Better YOU with a Youtube Mini Series.  It has already begun and there has been an amazing response!

This eBook is tailored to the person interested in improving their lifestyle and becoming healthier.  It is great for the beginner who needs to start with basic information but is also extremely useful for someone who is already health conscious but needs an extra boost and some insider information!  It stresses taking baby steps when changing your lifestyle and focuses on only one topic per day.

The ’31 Days to a Better YOU’ eBook launch will be within the next two weeks!  It will be available at www.damyhealth.com.