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DAMY Health Top 15 Weight Loss Tips!!!

 These are simple steps to improve your life and your weight loss efforts! These are tips that we share with our clients and encourage them to incorporate into their lives. These tips are what I have followed since losing weight and are what I do to keep it off.

1.       Make sure you always drink enough water. Bring a re-usable water bottle with you everywhere you go! You should drink a total of at least 2 liters a day. If you are having trouble slimming down or have an event coming up increase your water to 3 liters).

2.       Make your breakfast staple steal-cut oatmeal, blueberries, a dash a cinnamon and 1 tbsp of ground flax. Also, have a glass of water, a cup of black coffee or tea. On the side have 2 hard boiled egg whites.

3.       Eat 5-6 small meals per day consisting of mostly vegetables (raw preferably) and protein. Make sure to include 100% whole grains at least 3 times a day. Meals should be every 2-3 hours.

4.       Have your last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime.

5.       Cut out all white flour, white sugar and processed foods.

6.       Cut out all artificial sweeteners. Use Stevia in small amounts.

7.       Break your workouts up into 2 per day. Do your 30 minute cardio in the morning. Do your weights in the evening.

8.       Make sure you are sleeping at least 7 hours a night. You burn your fat while you are asleep. You also build your muscle while you sleep.

9.       For your last meal of the night have Green veggies, salad and lean protein (leave out your complex carbs).

10.       Use a sun-less tanner! It makes you look leaner, radiant and healthy! It makes you feel awake and amazing!

11.       Use body butter daily! Use an all natural brand. Make sure your skin is always hydrated! When you lose weight your skin shrinks and you need to make sure you keep it moist to prevent or fade stretch marks.

12.       Journal what you eat! Portions and all! Things sneak in so easy. We sometimes don’t realize the food that can sneak in here and there.

13.       Once a week (unless you are 10 pounds from a goal) have a little something! A healthy yummy snack! Have 4 squares of dark chocolate, a glass or two of wine, a nice healthy dinner! Plan your treat. On Monday plan for your treat on Friday night. After you have your treat jump right back on your plan.

14.       HIIT. Walking or running at the same pace and the same length all the time isn’t going to shock weight off your body. If you find that your weight loss has stalled and you are doing what you have always been doing to lose weight…it’s time to switch it up. Going for long runs are great. They should be done once or twice a week. If your goal is to run a marathon or become a better runner then do it more. Our bodies are amazing!!! But part of that is that it gets really good at what we do over and over. So if you do the same workouts over and over your body gets better at doing them. If your goal is to lose weight, then you need to shock your body! You need to do different workouts, use different weight. Shake it up! I am very passionate about this. Being someone that was running up to an hour and a half a day everyday and not losing weight…this changed my life! I now only do about 30 minutes of cardio and am smaller and more lean then ever!

 In comes HIIT.

Is all about doing short bursts of exercise for short amounts of time. Ex. Walking on an incline on a treadmill for 3 minutes then sprinting for 30 seconds for 30 minutes. OR walk 1 minute run 1 minute for 30 minutes. Put this into your workouts 3 times a week and you will see a difference.

15.      Last but not least talk nice to yourself. Tell yourself you can! Tell yourself you are beautiful. Tell yourself that this is going to be easy. Every day tell yourself that you are going to have a great day. Love yourself as much as you can! You will be shocked at how much this alone will change your life!

 I hope that you can take away from this list that simple things can make all the difference in the world! This is not easy but it sure isn’t hard. It is possible for everyone to have the body they desire. If you have any questions or would like further info on our great programs feel free to email me anytime! As always, I love hearing from you!

Amy Layne
DAMY Health