DAMY Strength is the newest blog from the DAMY Health Team! My name is David Duizer and I will be writing this blog. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, a former CIS Varsity Athlete, a former Canadian Forces Officer (graduate of Royal Military College), and a Naturopathic Medicine Student. I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to share my knowledge with the world!

At DAMY Health we focus on helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle. That usually involves introducing clean eating, functional exercises, and healthy living practices. We provide holistic nutritional counseling, personal training, group training, couples training, sport specific training, and lifestyle counseling. We do this via online services and through our in-home (soon to be expanding) program. We provide custom plans that are made to specifically help our clients change their lifestyle as well as proven successful pre-made plans that they can jump right into. We are changing lives and it feels good!

The MRS DAMY Blog is titled Amy Layne Paradigm and it is written by my wife Amy Layne (the other half of DAMY Health). She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. In her blog she focuses on using her personal experience and expertise to motivate people and guide them to a new way of thinking/living. Her blog has been up and running for about 6 months and has had amazing success!

DAMY Strength as a blog will cover a wide array of topics. I want to help people learn about the different components of a healthy lifestyle by presenting some of the science behind them. I will be focusing on providing as much information as possible to illustrate the benefits of healthy living and what we preach at DAMY Health. This blog will see many guest bloggers as many of my colleagues are either studying in this field or have an extensive background with healthy living practices. I am so excited to be able to share with everyone!

The Strength in DAMY Strength symbolizes the well-roundedness of the DAMY Team. We have a wide range of knowledge and love to share with people. We stress open-mindedness and practice this in our counseling. As a company we are ever-evolving. This blog is yet another way for us to get our ‘mass array’ of information out to you! It’s all bundled up inside and we need to get it out!

Personally, I hope you love this blog. If you have any tips or would like us to write about a specific topic (anything related to health and wellness) please either leave a comment on one of our posts or write us at tips@damyhealth.com.