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Pay Attention to Where You Place Your Attention

You can not change people no matter how hard you try. But you can control your attention.

By removing your attention from a person or situation that is causing needless drama you remove their power over you. The situation will simply fade away.

Fully practice this today where you may need and see your experience change. It really works.


Don’t take others opinions of you to heart. After all they have nothing to do with you.

Continual “life cleansing” is so healthy.

Take a look around your home, mind and/or body and ask yourself “what isn’t working here? What is not life enhancing? What makes me feel weighted down?” Then… release it. Make room for more good.

This is perfect for this week following the Full Moon.


Don’t let others clip your wings:) You were born to fly baby!

Enjoy your beautiful Monday. Follow your inner guide today & watch miracles unfold. #onlylove



One step at a time greatness is achieved. Taking small steps daily, deciding in each moment is what brings us to our greatest goals/desires/dreams.


If you are an introvert you can relate to this feeling lol – too funny


Good vibes/thoughts only today.


“Celebrating each others successes, working hard together to make both of our dreams come true, eating whole natural foods and working out together everyday is what brings us so much joy. Being able to help others create vibrant, healthy lives that they are proud of….is our passion that we both live for.

What drives us is helping others live their potential, see their dreams come true and make this world a happier, healthier place. We have done so much in the last few years….but the crazy news is…..We are just getting started.”

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What are these two up to?! #DAMYdogs #love


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