Amy has been preaching more water, more water, more water for years now.

She considers herself a “water pusher” and I would agree with the title. She is serious about it.

Anyone who is on or has done the Bikini Body or DAMY Method can attest to this.

We tote 1L mason jars full of water around with us everywhere and it wouldn’t be odd to see multiple around our condo going at a time.

Staying hydrated has plenty of health benefits (including proper bowel function, skin and hair health, muscle energy and body fluid level many inane) and if you are a person with sufficient hydration you can feel the difference when things go the other way.

Over the years questions about exactly how much water we need has been debated time and time again (especially with respect to a weight loss program). A real conclusion for optimal health hydration levels hasn’t been reached but the importance of drinking plenty of water has been made clear.

This week new research was released out of the United Kingdom highlighting a simple method to speed weight loss using water consumption. It has to do with the timing of your glasses.

Researchers asked a group of 41 patients to drink 500ml of water 30 minutes before their three meals each day for twelve weeks. They asked another group of 43 patients to think about being full before eating their three meals over the same time period.

Both groups were given the same weight loss coaching (nutrition and exercise advice) and in the end what they actually ate and did for exercise was considered equal.

The group that drank the water before meals lost 30% more weight over the 12 weeks than those who didn’t. These results almost exactly replicated an earlier study done which showed an average of 5lbs more weight loss in 12 weeks for those who drank water 30 minutes before meals.

These results confirm a few things.

One – it is common to think we are hungry when really we are simply dehydrated. Drinking water 30 minutes before a scheduled meal can alter how much we actually eat. It is a simple tool that works time and time again.

Two – drinking water before meals can prevent overeating. Simply due to the volume of fluid in the digestive tract it is easier to feel full and satisfied quicker with this pre-meal water.

Three – there is a significant role for proper hydration in weight loss. Drinking 500ml three times per day ensures adequate hydration for the rest of the day. The benefits from this hydration can mean increased energy and subsequently more intense workouts.

Four – naturally most of the foods we eat contain much more water originally than when we actually eat them. Their water value is lost during the packaging and cooking processes. This technique adds that lost water back in.
drink water - lose weight
This research shows a simple tool for accelerating weight loss that anyone can use. At the same time by consuming 1.5 liters of water per day an important healthy lifestyle goal of staying hydrated is being met.

Drink water – lose weight. It really can be that simple.

Have you tried this technique? Let us know in the comments below how it has benefited you.

I want to make clear that a healthy diet and exercise along with proper hydration is the ultimate trifecta for health and weight loss. If you are looking to transform your lifestyle, lose weight, jump off the fad diet roller coaster or just receive extra clear guidance our programs provide a truly lifestyle transformation and Amy’s continual personal coaching with each of her clients is unlike anything available.

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