It seems as though everyone who thinks they need to get in shape turns to jogging first. It has become a sort of popular-culture workout. I don’t really like it’s place in the fitness industry right now. People just starting out think they can jog off the weight. It really doesn’t work that way.

I have to say I think jogging is great for many things. I think it is a great workout, I think it is a great stress reliever and I think it is extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health. One thing I know is that it isn’t the be-all-end-all of getting into good shape. If you sit on my front deck during a normal Saturday you will see hundreds of people jog by and I can guarantee you won’t see one do a pushup, sit-up, or burpee in front of my house! Many people exercise to improve their overall health and for that I believe jogging is great. If you want to change your body shape, lose weight, and achieve similar health benefits add some functional exercises into your routine.
If you want a long-distance runner’s body adopt a training regime similar to them (Run 5-6 times a week). If your ideal body shape is different change it up.