It is an exciting time here at DAMY Health! For those of you that don’t know for the last 5 years along with running and all associated projects, ventures and products my husband David has been busy becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Six years ago David left his career as a MARS Officer in the Canadian Navy to pursue his dream of becoming a Doctor. It was only one year before that I had launched after transitioning into my new dream career that is all that DAMY Health is. For more information about my journey click here.

Both of us leaving secure jobs took a lot of courage, faith, consistency and love. We have worked extremely hard in the last 6 years to create the life of our dreams.

Our marriage, where we live, our lifestyle, loving ourselves, our dream careers have all flourished with our hard work and consistency.

Many of you may know David as the tech support for our DAMY Health Online Program Community. He took on this job while in school. In late September David will be taking a public role here at DAMY Health and I could not be more excited for myself and each of you. Things are about to get huge!

David is going to bring a whole new level of natural health knowledge and support to He will be offering programs, courses, consults and plenty of free material covering a wide range of health related issues and solutions including:

  • Perfecting digestive health
  • Food allergy and sensitivity solutions
  • Living a life with balanced hormones
  • The newest innovations in optimal living
  • Chronic pain management, injury prevention, performance enhancement, etc.
  • IV Therapies
  • Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and restful sleep solutions
  • The most up to date information on herbs, vitamins and supplementation
  • And so much more!

For all DAMY Health subscribers this is going to be such an exciting time. What we are about to provide for you is going to help you optimize your life on every level.

In late September we will be officially welcoming David here and providing you with clear information on his upcoming courses. For any local Vancouver, BC residents I will be thrilled to announce where you will be able to visit David and have him as your health care provider (lucky you).

***UPDATE – Details of David’s practice here.

Please everyone join me in giving David a huge congratulations on his accomplishment and relish in the excitement of how fortunate we are all about to become.

On the day of David’s graduation we had some photos taken and if you are interested I have added some to this post below. Please enjoy!

*Photography by Ainsley Rose

For everyone in Vancouver, BC she is lovely and makes you feel very comfortable while shooting. Thank you Ainsley for helping us celebrate and capture our special day!
Amy Layne and David Duizer 11
Amy Layne and David Duizer 3
Amy Layne and David Duizer 10
Amy Layne and David Duizer 9
Amy Layne and David Duizer 4
Amy Layne and David Duizer 12
Amy Layne and David Duizer 5
Amy Layne and David Duizer 2
Amy Layne and David Duizer 8
Amy Layne and David Duizer 7
Amy Layne and David Duizer 6
Amy Layne and David Duizer 1

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