Healthy Lifestyles with Amy Layne

Cardio Crazy

Myth #1 – Hours of cardio is the number one way to lose weight.
It is a common belief that cardio is the number one way to lose weight. This rumor runs ramped with women that can be found walking, jogging and running for hours a week. Well, I am here to tell you that traditional cardio is not the fastest way to achieve your dream body. Shocking I know! First, it has to be understood that body fat loss is 70%-80% nutrition. Take a moment and let that sink in. Yes, there is always going to be that girlfriend that can eat chocolate cake and drink with the boys and still fit in her size 2 jeans. Let it go. She is genetically blessed and the other 98% of us are not. The number one rule to reducing your body fat is a sound nutrition plan.

Myth #2 – Hours of cardio will deliver your dream body.
Living on the treadmill or running a marathon a week will reduce body fat levels. This will not change your body shape. You will only turn into a smaller version of your current self. The only way to round out your bum, to get long-sleek arms, and tighten that waist is resistance training. Do not be afraid of heavy weight ladies. The silly rumor that you will ‘bulk up’ is plain, not true. The average woman does not carry enough testosterone in her body to support mass muscle gain. Lift
heavy enough that by the 12th rep you can no longer lift the weight. Working out should always be a challenge.

Myth #3 – Your only cardio choices are running, walking, or the elliptical.
The perfect workout regimen is broken up into two types of cardiovascular activity: steady state cardio days and high-intensity cardio days. A well-rounded program of these two will keep your body guessing and keep your body changing. If you are extremely comfortable doing your current cardio routine then you are not working at your potential, meaning, you are not getting the results you could be getting. Old school thoughts on cardio have been shattered. Here is what is called a ‘Cardio Crank.’ Think 5 minutes high incline walking at a challenging pace, popping off your treadmill and performing this:

– 12 Pushups (on knees if needed)
– 12 Jump Squats
– 12 V-Up Situps
– 5 Jump Switch Lunges

Jump back on your treadmill for 5 more minutes! Repeat this set for 30-40 minutes. Add this routine into your cardio regimen three times per week and be amazed at your body transformation!

Being uncomfortable and working to your max three times per week is crucial in body transformation. Challenge yourself. Keep your body guessing. Push yourself to get stronger physically and mentally. Remember that physical fitness and health are as much a mental attitude as they are your actions. Don’t be afraid of change and push your boundaries! You will be so happy that you did! Your dream body is waiting… As always, I love hearing from you! Please email me with any questions or comments.

Amy Layne