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My main goal is to help you reach your goal, whatever that may be. For some of you it is to get into a bikini for summer and for others it is to finally fit into a size 12. Some goals can’t be reached within three weeks…
Our three week program is very strict and is built to shock the body into weight loss. Eating on this meal plan for longer than three weeks is not possible for most. We all need variety to build a lifestyle!

I want to offer you CONTINUAL SUCCESS. For everyone that has purchased the ‘3-Week Fat Blaster’ I am offering to waive the $75-$100 sign-up fee for our customized plans!!! I will create your custom made meal plan and/or exercise plan at our basic monthly rate. These plans come with a full Lifestyle Package explaining the DAMY Health Philosophy. Our plans are based around what you choose. We take your healthy choices and create a balanced plan. We send you a checklist of over 100 foods to choose from that can be incorporated into your plan! We build a healthy lifestyle at an affordable rate. Take advantage of this $100 savings in time for summer (8 Weeks Away!!!!!)

Customized Nutrition Plan – $42 per month
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Customized Fitness Plan – $42 per month
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Amy Layne Paradigm (Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle) – $52 per month Buy Now

Programs include:
   – Daily Emails – motivation, recipes, exercises, whats HOT!
   – Unlimited Email access to Amy – motivation, questions, ideas!
   – Shopping List – make your trip to the grocery store efficient!
   – Workout Glossary – explaining your new exercises!
   – VIP Free Access to DAMY Specials – DAMY Members received our eBook FREE
   – Free Phone Consultations with Amy
   – Weekly Check-Ins – keeping you on point and motivated!

DAMY Health 3-Week Fat Blaster Package

This eBook will change your life!  Do you have a difficult time getting started with weight loss or have you hit a plateau?  This eBook is for you!

Amy Layne, Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Lifestyle Expert, has created this meal plan for you!  It will teach you how to eat clean, balanced meals that promote weight loss.  This is not another fad diet!  This is a lifestyle!!!!

Are you confused at the grocery store?  The All Inclusive Grocery List will make your shopping experience easy!  Print your grocery list and take it with you to the store!

Do you need a lifestyle change?  Amy shares her secrets in her Tips, Tricks, and Lifestyle Advice section.  This advice ranges from motivation to insider weight loss tips.  Begin your new healthy lifestyle today!

For only $28 you can break through your plateau and begin losing weight today!

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