I often speak about trying new things to my Online Program Members.

I will often receive emails that look like this – “I do not know how to lift weights. It’s hard. I have never jogged before. I can’t do these things. I would rather stick with what I am doing now.”

What you are doing now is giving you the results you have always had and if you are using this tone you are comfortable with the workouts and they might even be easy for you. You do not have to sprint out the door on day one and become a runner. Just get out there! Run a little.

When I first started my journey to heath in 2007 I had not ran since I was a child. I could only jog the distance of one telephone pole before resting for 5. It is okay! I was pushing myself past where I was. And you know what? I ended up somewhere much different (physically, mentally, spiritually).

You are not supposed to be good at something you are learning. You are just supposed to do it! When you are challenged and uncomfortable you are changing and growing. This is a great thing. And the only way to get good at something… is to do it anyway!!! Don’t quit.

Life is too short not to reach your dreams/goals/desires.

At the very least you deserve to show yourself that you were wrong in your limited thinking about what you are capable of. Showing myself that I can do things I never dreamed possible is one of my favourite hobbies. Try it.

Give today your all. Get out there and push yourself. Do something uncomfortable and receive the amazing gift that comes from it.


Focus on what you want and let go of fear



Yes, she did and so can you:) #inspiration #motivation #love #peace #freedom #success


It’s about more than looking good.

That is just a side effect of feeling good 🙂



Make a stand for yourself today

Choose to love yourself enough to create a better tomorrow. At first this feels like work. Like it is “hard”. Change is a challenge.

A challenge is only negative if you decide to resist it. Let go and let your “self-work” turn into self-love. Change always feels difficult at first. Get past this initial hump and your life will flow in a magnificent way.

Promise 🙂

When you commit to making yourself happy/healthy everyone wins #inspiration #love






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