I have been patiently waiting a long time to do this post. It is very emotional and near and dear to my heart. I want to introduce you to Gail. I have known Gail since I can remember. I grew up with one of her sons and was always around her family on and off throughout my childhood. I now live on the other side of the country from Gail but in the last year have become closer than ever to her. She has become a dear friend and a person that I admire beyond words. Gail is a genuine good person. She’s kind and finds happiness in the simplest things. She’s extremely hard working and devoted to her family. It’s hard to put into words who Gail is but imagine the kindest, most honest and loving person you know and times that by 10 and that’s Gail. Everyone should have someone like Gail in their lives.

When Gail first joined DAMY she had had some weight loss success but had found the program she was on too challenging to maintain. She found that her weight was creeping back on. She wasn’t looking for another diet she was looking for a lifestyle change to help her achieve a body weight she had never had before. She wanted to be able to maintain this goal without a struggle. Gail and I worked together to make the plan work for her. She emailed me any time she felt a roadblock or a challenge and always took my advice. The one thing about Gail that confirmed to me that she was going to be successful is when she stated “I’m ready.” She knew this feeling and related it to quitting smoking. You can’t do it until you’re ready but when you’re ready watch out! In the last year Gail has never made an excuse. Through many challenges Gail has stuck with her DAMY Program and has had amazing success. Many accomplishments came along the way this year including: she became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy, achieved another level in her Karate practice, and watched herself shrink to a size she had never been since being a teen. What a year!

Gail I cannot express how grateful I am that you decided to join DAMY Health one year ago. The joy that you have given me throughout this journey is immeasurable. I waited each week to see what your check-ins would say and couldn’t wait for your emails. You earned every bit of the success and results that you are experiencing. You’ve become such a great friend and you feel like family. I know you can do anything you decide to do. I cannot wait to see you this summer (get the tissue ready!).

Please enjoy my interview with Gail and her before and after pictures.

What sets DAMY Health apart from any other weight loss or fitness program out there today?

“Hmmm lets see…how does one answer this…first everything I read drew me to your program, even though I wasn’t a member at the time you took the time to answer the questions I had to ask…what sets you apart…DAMY listened to me and worked with me (really fussy, found food that worked for me). One of the biggest things I like was you guided but in the end I had to chose what was going to work, you never tried to force anything on me, always answered my emails quickly and your prices of your programs are exceptionally fair. The biggest thing that sets DAMY apart is YOU. I was not just another person struggling with weight, I was Gail to you and not once did you give up on me… bottom line…YOU CARE about the individual person this makes all the difference in the world. Don’t ever stop being YOU!”


What do you love about being part of DAMY Health?

“We all have our different families, the ones we are born with, the ones we married into, our church family, our work family etc….I find DAMY is like a family to me now, everyone encourages everyone…the like button on Facebook never stops and your recipes are top notch. I’ve tried stuff I would never have a year ago and you are right it doesn’t always feel like I am on a diet. It still amazes me sometimes that I can eat “that” and still lose weight. The losing part of my journey is over…I look forward to continuing to share the next part of my journey with DAMY.”


What benefits have you experienced from being a part of a DAMY Health Program?

“I have been part of DAMY for a year now….physically I have way more energy and the difference in my training for Karate is amazing. I walk further and faster than I have in a lot of years and feel good about it, I’ve lost a total of 58lbs, my jeans were size 18 and I just recently brought size 8. I went from size 2xxl shirts to mediums, my work pants I was in size 20 I now wear size 12 and they are loose on me, I don’t hide in my clothes anymore and as funny as this may sound I actually found clothes at Frenchy’s to fit me. I feel good about myself, something that I hadn’t in a long time…Thank you DAMY!!!!”


Anything extra to say about DAMY?

“Amy I’ve watch you grow from a little girl into the lady you are today. I love what you’ve become and how much you care about others, that is the difference that sets you aside from all the others. DAMY has changed my life…on a funny side I most enjoy being a walking advertisement for you. You have no idea how many people at work ask me about your program. I will continue to sing your praises (even to the ones that tell me I need to gain weight LOL)…again don’t ever stop being YOU!!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me conquer this battle. It’s been a long time coming…for the first time in my life I feel like I just might win the war!!!! Love ya!!!!”

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