Hey Everyone!!!

I just got back from the best trip!! We went to Mexico!! It was unreal. I can not say enough about the amazing resort we were so fortunate to stay in. It was pure luxury. We decided on Wednesday that we wanted to go south (this was also my Birthday) and we were booked and on the plane by Saturday. We got an amazing deal. We had a great travel agent that really knew what she was talking about and found us the BEST place.
For the entire week I really enjoyed myself. I ate and even had some drinks. I didn’t go crazy but I did indulge. I had what I really wanted and didn’t feel any guilt. I even had dessert a couple nights. It was great! I continued to drink all my water every day and I did go to the great gym they had. I also played active games and went for walks. It was a perfect, balanced vacation.

I think that we all get caught up in our goals sometimes we forget about “living.” Goals are amazing. I ask all my clients to have them and I myself always have a few on the go. I think we should have goals in every aspect of our lives. I never “forget” my goals or go “all or nothing”. I guess that is the most that has changed about me and one of the things I am most proud of. Before, if I had taken a week and did not eat 100% clean, do all my workouts and wasn’t working actively toward my goal… I would stress unbelievablably. I would feel as if I failed and 5 years ago I would most likely come home and eat junk, not workout and say “to heck with it I ruined it all.” But that is not me anymore. I work really hard at everything I do. I also work really hard at being happy and having a great life. This has taken trial and error. I know that I am a much happier person when I am “balanced.” I love giving 100% …I also love my down time. I am so appreciative that I can recognise when I need “me time” or when we need “us time”. I have the best husband in the world. He supports me in everything that I do. He had done almost every workout with me, gone to all events, helped contact people and even dieted with me. He is my biggest fan … and I am his. It is important to not just tell our loved ones that they mean the world but to take the time to spend with them. This can be a very superficial and selfish industry/lifestyle…if you let it. Take the time for YOU. Let your mind and body have a rest here and there. Learn to be still and listen to the little voice inside you. The more you listen to it …the Louder it gets. One amazing thing I have learned is, in taking this time for you and your loved ones to refuel, your doors open and great things happen. You don’t always have to push hastily toward your goal.
This week I am back on track. Setting new goals and striving towards new and old dreams. I may have gained a pound….But it is coming right off!!! Join me in getting ready for summer NOW!! If you prepare and start now you will not find yourself in the “all or nothing” trap!! Feel great this summer! Lets getting going now!!!
Amy Layne