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In the middle of this intermittent fasting journey I find myself looking for beverages to consume after the sun goes down each evening. I have turned to green tea for a little boost in the afternoon and have been enjoying its medicinal qualities.

In my clinical practice I recommend green tea as a coffee substitute (thanks to the reduced caffeine) and as a therapy in many different conditions. Usually I am using high dose green tea extract (the antioxidant – EGCG) in my therapies because that is what is most prevalent in the research however as a general recommendation low dose green tea consumption is beneficial in many different situations.

There aren’t many people green tea isn’t helpful for. The list of benefits below isn’t exhaustive but provides a clear picture for why we all should be considering drinking green tea.

3 Ways Green Tea Can Improve Your Health (& Help with Weight Loss)

Whether it be weight loss, maintaining a healthy heart or reducing stress green tea is an easy therapeutic choice. For proper therapeutic dosages of the potent EGCG green tea extract consult with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Green Tea Reduces Appetite and Balancing Blood Sugar

Circadian rhythm intermittent fasting requires fasting within two hours of the sun setting. At the current time of year this equates to 7pm. I have been diligent about not eating after this time for many weeks now but hunger has been a challenge.

When I started drinking green tea in the evening two weeks ago my nighttime routine got much easier (the caffeine doesn’t hinder my sleep). My appetite and cravings in the evening have been in-check ever since.

The literature supports this phenomenon.

Drinking green tea helps with blood sugar control which in turn can help reduce cravings, especially for sweets. I use green tea with my patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes working to improve blood sugar control and for those with severe sugar cravings.

Green tea helps humans feel fuller longer. For those with weight to lose this is really important. In my holistic approach to weight loss I frequently speak to getting adequate nutrients but over-consumption remains an issue that needs to be corrected before weight loss can occur. The most common issue in overeating is having a large appetite.

Green tea has been shown to improve satiety. This has been extremely helpful along my intermittent  fasting journey and patients have reported the same.

Green Tea Improves Energy and Metabolism

For me green tea improves mental clarity and feels “lifting” to my mood. I enjoy the small caffeine boost and always enjoy a hot beverage for the “cozy” factor.

As an adrenal herb green tea has been shown to reduce high cortisol levels. In doing so it doesn’t reduce energy it actually supports it.

One of the many reasons green tea is used in weight loss is its ability to improve the metabolism of fats. I have mentioned before on the blog – green tea is the only supplement I recommend for everyone looking to lose weight.

A major component of energy production is the recovery from stress (physical and mental). Because of green tea’s ability to calm cortisol release it can be helpful in mental stress but it also speeds recovery from exercise therapy and increases the capacity to exercise.

Green tea makes you a super version of yourself. From mental clarity, to boosted energy, improved healing and fast weight loss. This tea has it all.

Green Tea Improves Healing and Has Disease Prevention Benefits

With our focus on feeling good in the moment and moving towards weight loss goals we haven’t spoke to green tea’s ability to improve long term health and prevent disease much on the blog.

Green tea has been used as a heart healthy tea for many years. Trials show it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 10% and reduce blood pressure. The theory for its mechanism is thanks to green tea’s antioxidant potential and how as an antioxidant it can help strengthen blood vessels, contribute to proper vasodilation (relaxation of vessels), reduce triglyceride levels, increase HDL (protective lipids), etc (the list does go on).

High dose green tea extract is used in naturopathic cancer therapy as an antioxidant and immune modulator (specific anti inflammatory qualities).

Recap: We have mentioned many benefits of green tea on the blog today. They aren’t all possible with simply drinking 1 cup per day but it is a start. For higher dose recommendations consult with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Here is a list of the benefits mentioned above:

Using green tea in weight loss is easy. Simply start drinking green tea on its own or mixed with your favorite flavors of herbs. I personally drink peppermint green tea.

The immediate benefits are an increase in energy, reduction in appetite and improvement in speed of healing post-workout.

Dr. David Duizer is a co-founder of and a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a passionate, driven, motivated leader in integrative medicine focused on optimal wellbeing, holistic healing and natural health.

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