It’s inevitable that during Halloween we will be faced with all kinds of treats. The key is how we face these temptations. Here are some great ways to stay on track and to avoid a binge during this Halloween.

1) If you are going to a party bring healthy snack/treats (nuts, veggie trays, hummus, lean meat skewers, and fruit trays)

One great dish that is always a hit:
Pin Wheel Veggie Wraps Take a 100% Whole Grain wrap, spread hummus (spicy/garlic) over half the wrap, cut yellow, red and orange peppers into long thing slices, place the peppers on the wrap on the hummus side (1 layer), take two pepperoncini per wrap (found in your bottled hot pepper section), thinly dice and spread evenly over the peppers and hummus. Then roll the wraps length wise. Cut off two ends (your snack while cooking) and then cut the rest of the wrap into 1 inch rounds. Place rounds flat on serving tray. Make lots!! They are a hit!

2) If you are faced with extra treats left over after trick-or-treaters you can give them to your neighborhood children, give them to a teacher you know, bring them to the office the next day, or donate them to you local YMCA or food bank.

3) Having a taste of a treat isn’t the end of the world. The good news is that chocolate bars and chips are in snack sizes. If you have been craving a treat like crazy choose what you really want and have ONE. It is easy to get carried away with these bite sized treats they are small but mighty!

4) Make your holiday more about the fun than the food! Choose a great Halloween themed game to play with your children, watch a spooky film or really get involved in the costume making!

All occasions should be fun, not stressful or filled with worry! Choose to place your attention on the fun moments and the spirit of that holiday. Enjoy family and friends or just the neighborhood children! We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!