I have, in the past, found myself feeling frustrated and angry from comparing my journey to others’. I would see others’ experiencing (what I perceived) as a smoother journey to health, weight loss, love, relationships, financial security, business success, etc and I would be deeply sad for myself.

What I didn’t know then was that their good, what I was seeing as lack in my life, was actually a sign of good to come in my life.

It was life showing me good, possibility, promise.

This was a powerful shift in my life and one I need to rekindle when jealous feelings start to sneak in. Instead of comparing my life to others’ I began seeing others’ blessings as my own. I began being grateful for the joy in others’ lives.

I even began praying for it.

How being jealous blocks your good:

I became deeply aware that mentally limiting good for others was only limiting good for myself. Where I was holding negative emotions towards others’ good I was restricting that same good from my own experience. I learned that when I was holding a negative emotion towards someone else’s abundance I was basically saying to the world “I hate abundance and don’t want it.”

I wasn’t adding abundance to my life by begrudging others good fortune! I was holding myself back and also being a person who didn’t want to see good in the world. How mad?!

This powerfully shifted me from a “lack/need” mentality into an Abundance filled life. All the good you see is a promise of good. When good shows up for you it may not look the same as someone else’s. And yes, some of us have to work for that good a little longer.

But the only way to step away from the cycle of chasing the dangling carrot and shift into a an abundant, joy filled life is to be grateful for all the good in the world now. Feel it now. Be grateful for it now.

There is enough good to go around.

Someone else’s joy does not take joy away from your pot. It adds to it. The more joy created in this world the more joy expands and grows. There is no limit to good.
HOW BEING Jealous blocks your good
When you find yourself experiencing feelings of jealously towards another replace those feelings by sending that person love. Thank them and bless them for showing you possibility, success, health, freedom, bliss, whatever it may be. And know that good is promised to you too. Maybe not in the exact same way.

You see, if you spend your life looking for good to show up in a very specific way that you have seen happen for others, you are blocking your blessings. Miracles happen when you stop telling life how it is supposed to look. Work hard, follow your bliss, be kind to others and know that your good will show up in the most perfect way.

Your unique, perfect life is needed.

Your joy is needed.

We need you to be YOU and live your life just as it is supposed to be.

Follow your heart, your gut, your prayers and your dreams. Watch what you are complimented most on. Send others real love. Bless their journey. Bless their success. Thank them for showing you these beautiful moments in life.

I promise you that if you shift away from a lack mentally your life will change. It will unfold. You will feel joy and success on another level.

Try today sending love to anyone you may have felt jealous of. Bless them. The more good we pour into this world the more good there is. Good is everywhere all the time. Tap into it. Be it.

As always I am sending you love & light.
HOW BEING Jealous blocks your good
We love this reminder. Your journey is unique.

There is no other exactly the same in all the world.

What a powerful thought.


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