Ahhhhhhh…That is how good I feel. I just returned from a “recharge getaway” and let me tell you I feel amazing. I get the question all the time “when do you really take time for yourself?” You can check out my post here explaining how I keep my home in balance. If you are one of my close friends or a client you know that you can email me at 2 am on a Sunday and 80% of the time you get an email back within 30 minutes. I have clients texting me, facebooking me, emailing me and all but showing up at my door all hours of the day, everyday of the week. The sick part is I love it! It is who I am in my internet based business. I want to be the best support and the best darn coach on earth!! Now that I have my iPhone with me at all times I am available all the time. This is all wonderful and great but I also know my limits. I know that I need a day a week of silence with my own thoughts. I know that I need to re-charge my metal battery each week. What works for us is taking Sunday “off.” I mean from everything. No emails, no internet use, no phones, no aggressive music or add-based magazines. None of it. We turn on the Boxee (I will have to get to this at another time..lol) for one hour in the afternoon to tune into Agape international to take in their Sunday “Service.” We take the day and just feed our souls. We mediate, take walks, read inspiring books, I will cook if I choose and often find myself organizing something. We also find we eat light on Sundays. We just totally go with the flow and embrace our inner hippy for the day. I enjoy this day so much I cannot tell you. If I don’t get my Sunday I find myself cranky, unable to have a restful sleep, and just feeling overwhelmed and anxious with my 100 email inbox come Monday morning. We have just really zoned into what makes us happy and enables us to work at our best potential.

In realizing how this makes us happier and actually work more efficiently we have taken it a bit further. We decided to stop buying “things” for each other and start having “experiences” for our Holidays and gift giving times. We plan mini vacations for all the special celebrations. We find the time away and the experiences mean much more to us and last much longer. The time that we have to reconnect and really relax is priceless. Just last week David took me to my favorite re-charge place on earth (this was a belated birthday celebration). Salt Spring Island. There is no place like it. As soon as I step foot on this island I can feel the magic and my stress and hectic life leaves me. The food and wine are local organic, the air is sweet, the landscapes are breath-taking and the people dance to the beat of their own drum. Everyone is taking their daily life at their own pace. This was our third time back to our favorite wood cabin (we have been to the island many times). This is a private cabin facing the woods. There, in place of a TV or radio there is a barbecue on a patio facing the woods and a babbling brook, a wood stove and a huge fresh mineral water spa encased in a cedar room. Heaven. I am telling you this place is heaven on earth. While I am there I read the books I have been meaning to, we watch birds and other wildlife, we drink fresh local coffee, hike in the mountains and drink local wine. Each night we have a mineral spa treatment (with our favorite essential oils) and just smile at how amazing life is. I can smell the cedar and feel the warm fire as I type.

This is how I find my balance. I take it. I make it. I have tried out different ways to relax and this is what works for me. I know that to be my best I have to fill myself up to the point of overflowing. Being still and listening to my true self brings me joy and makes me a better wife, coach, writer, friend, and human in general.
*As we drove off the ferry and the lights of all the Vancouver buildings start blinding me, my wi-fi came back on, 132 emails, check ins, new clients and questions. Ahhhhh so happy I had my time to re-charge, until next time.

We’re on the road.


On the Ferry to Salt Spring Island.


Our cabin.


We are unpacked and starting to relax!


Out for brunch and the beautiful Salt Spring Sun!


Salt Spring Organic Roast.


Our favourite used book store (we own way too many books!)


Lunch at our favourite Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant.


On the Ferry Home.


How do you center yourself?