There is no such thing as a plateau (oh no she didn’t). Yes, yes I did.

There is no such outside force blocking us from reaching certain goals.

Let that simmer for a moment.

This may bring up some feelings for you. Perhaps maybe even – anger. You may be right now going through all the times or a present moment where you feel stuck or aren’t moving forward toward your goals.

Take a deep breath and read on.

So a plateau only means that there is a change to take place to move you past your current reality. This change may be necessary in your actions or in your thoughts.

Lets dive into this a bit deeper (*NOTE – All the information within this post is based on the belief that were are talking about physically and mentally healthy individuals that are looking to be a healthy, fit weight).

The key to moving past a current road block is taking an honest look over your eating, thoughts, actions, self talk and workouts. This is when it is beneficial to have someone with an outside view help you.

It can be really difficult for us to truly look at our lifestyles through a clear lens. Things can sneak in, we can become comfortable OR we can be way too hard on ourselves. Having a professional who is gentle yet honest allows us to move ahead much faster than on our own. Those of us who do this for a living know what to look for, we know the questions to ask and can guide you to the right path in a fast, safe way that creates real change and results.

We are here to help! Use us!

Here are some of those questions that I ask when trying to help others or myself move past the current situation. Feel free to use these questions to help guide yourself if you are currently experiencing what you believe to be a plateau.
How to break a weight loss plateau
Two things before we dive deep:

1 – This will only work if you are ready to set your defenses aside (we all have these) and take an honest look over your current thoughts/actions or lack there of. For example, if you are still angry about me saying there is no such thing as a plateau you may not be ready.

2 – You have to know there is always a solution. Your body wants to be healthy and full of energy.

You are here to feel amazing! You are here to feel confident, powerful, comfortable, sexy and free! You need to know in your core that there are no forces, no diagnoses, no genetics, no family patterns and no past experiences holding you back.

The ONLY thing that can hold you back today is where you choose to place your beliefs. If you believe in any of those thought prisons I listed above than you will (by nature) create life experiences to prove those to be true. If you decide that those old thoughts have no control over you and choose a new empowered way of thinking you will break yourself free of those old experiences.

Have faith, remind yourself daily of the life you are creating and know that every action of self love you take builds on its self. It adds up in the most beautiful way.

And before you know it you have created a new way of life. You can do this. You may be the first person in your family or in your friend circle to create such changes.

But why not you? Why not be the example, the change.

It is true that if you are surrounded in darkness/negativity you can complain about it all you want. You can say you have no choice but to live in the darkness because it is all there is, it has been confirmed many times over by your past life experiences, etc.

However, the faster you come to realize that you are there to BE the light the better. If all there is is darkness (negativity) around you then your job is to be the light (positivity, possibility).

What a powerful gift!

You are not damned but blessed with a great responsibility. In healing yourself you give hope and guidance to others. Just by healing your own life and creating a life you love you give others permission to do the same.

You become a walking inspiration of light and love. You become the light others can look to in the dark. You do not have to say a word just do your own personal work.

So not only are you creating a wonderful life for yourself you become a healing presence for others. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

How powerful is that?!

Here are some things to look at and questions you can ask yourself to move past your current “plateau” (*I use this word only to dissolve it. I do not believe in such a thing. There are only signs that we need to make adjustments. That is it. The word “plateau” holds no power here).

If you are a DAMY Health Online Program Member it is best for us to do this work together. You can copy the questions below into your weekly check-in email, answer the questions and send them along to me. I will read them and we will move forward from there.
How to lose weight when nothing works

How to Break a Plateau

Now, if you want results to come faster and/or you find you are at a point where changes are no longer happening then kicking up your workouts is a good idea.

This doesn’t mean you go from 4-5 1 hour workouts a week to working out 2 hours a day every day. It means you just switch things up!

Maybe increase your intensity. Have a look at your workouts honestly and see where you have become too comfortable – where you are just going through the motions or avoiding being uncomfortable. There we up things.

Maybe we go faster, maybe switch up where we workout, up our weights, find an incline (natural or on the treadmill) or maybe it is just as simple as needing to reconnect our muscle and mind while working out (instead of just going through the motions).

Once you take an honest look at your workouts take an honest look at your eating. It is always a great reminder that how we eat, what we eat and when we eat creates 80% of results (or more in some cases). Things can creep in. We can become comfortable in patterns that are no longer working for us.

Answer the questions below with honesty and clarity.

Are you drinking all of your water each day? (2-3L per day)

Are other drinks creeping in?

What are you adding to your coffee?

Are you eating at least 2 cups of veggies with lunch and supper?

Are your meals based on real, pure food? Or are packaged or boxed things creeping in?

Are you eating too much? Do you eat until you are satisfied OR until you are uncomfortably stuffed?

Are you enjoying your meals or rushing through them?

Are your snacks based on real foods such as fruit, veggies, beans and nuts or are packaged foods creeping in?

Are you grateful and peaceful for your meals/snacks before and while you eat them? Or are you worried, stressed, hurried or watching stressful TV while eating?

What are you having for a weekly treat? Are you enjoying something decadent but created with real food (such as the treats found here at DAMY Health and The Healthy Rebel App) or are you heading for saturated fats, fast food, packaged chemical filled foods, etc.

How is your sleep? Do you have restful sleeps? Are you sleeping 7-8 hours a night? If not what are you doing before bed? Are you watching TV? Are you playing on the internet? Are you having caffeine too close to the time you go to bed?

Do you believe and have faith that you can reach your goal?
Do you have more faith in your past or your future?

Are you doing your best?

Are you being too hard on yourself?

Use these questions to help guide yourself towards your goal. Be kind to yourself and love yourself the way you would a best friend.

Remember change can be hard at first but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Most things that are worth it are a challenge at first. They always have the biggest pay off.

Think of this journey as turning the ship around or climbing the mountain. It is going to be hard at first. You are going to have to get out in front of yourself and guide yourself. You will have to be tough in some ways and make these changes happen no matter “how you feel”. But once you get over that first hump you will be smooth sailing!!! And you will feel a gratitude, pride and sense of accomplishment that can not be achieved by short cuts.

*Remember, if you are looking for further guidance and a clear path I am always here.


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