Everyone has stress. Anxiety, emotional eating, and stress related disorders are too common in today’s society… Stress kills. Stress puts our cells in an uncomfortable state, our bodies need to work harder to function properly, and we sabotage ourselves. Throughout my life I have experienced some serious stress. I have been in programs where the purpose was to see how much stress we could handle! That is when you learn a lot about yourself. You learn what your limit is!! I didn’t like having to learn my limit but it lead me to a self-realization of stress reducing techniques…if I didn’t discover these I would have had a much more difficult university/military experience!
Okay! Try these out. Let me know what you do to de-stress…
1) Exercise…of course I’m going to say this…I’m a strength and conditioning coach!!! No really though. I find exercising gives me time to focus on me and think about the things I want to think about! I have always used exercise to deal with stress.
2) Meditate…this is weird…I don’t know if many people know this about me. I mediate everyday and have for almost a year now. It has enabled me to discover a whole new side of myself. I have learned how to direct my thinking and have used many different spiritual techniques to deal with stress…my experience…they all work. Any questions? Message me!
3) Talk it out! There is no point in keeping it inside! I try to look at it like this…If I am keeping it inside than my cells are suffering because of it! I don’t want my body to suffer. My health is extremely important. I don’t feel like a burden to my listener (my wife) because we are communication geniuses. She can bring me down like no body’s business and I do the same for her.
4) Read the ‘good’ books. When I say the ‘good’ books I mean those done by people famous for their role in self-improvement or new thought. Some great authors are Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Eckhart Tolle. Any book by any of these authors will make you feel better…start anywhere within any of their many many books…their words alone will calm you down.
Let’s leave it here for now. I will save the rest for another post. Share yours by commenting below!