Guest Post by Stephanie Hill

When you do cable crunches, you build strength and sculpt your abdominal muscles for a 6-pack look.  For this exercise, you will need a pulley machine with a rope attachment and also an exercise mat.

Be sure to do your stretches and warm up before doing this exercise to prevent muscle injury.  Set the weights on the pulley in a level that is not too light but not too heavy either.  Setting the weights too heavily will cause injury and make your training useless.  Kneel in front of the pulley and grasp the rope handle with both of your hands.  Pull down the handles until your hands are located at either side of your face, resting them on top of your shoulders.  Your arms should be held close at your sides and not extended outwards.  Let the pulley pull your back in a hyper-extended position.  You should be kneeling with your glutes suspended above your legs and your torso kneeling forward.  This is to be your starting position.

Exhale as you flex your abdominals to pull down on the pulley, keeping your hips suspended and stationary.  Continue pulling until your elbows are at the middle of your thighs.  Hold the position for a second and inhale as you go back to starting position.

Repeat the exercise with the number of recommended reps and sets.  It is important that you do this exercise slowly while maintaining constant contraction of your abdominals.  Always make sure that you are pulling down on the pulley with your abs and not with your arms and lower back.  Others make a mistake by unconsciously sitting on their legs throughout the entire execution.  This lessens the tension and also makes you target the motion on your lower back.  If you wish to target your side abdominals as well, use a handle bar instead of the rope attachment.

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