how to get what you want

2017 for me, is all about living in the moment.

Being present, grateful, really with the people I am with, working while I am working and playing while I am playing.

I want to master being here, where I am fully. I also want to release all my needs for comparison with others and keep my eyes (and heart) in my own lane.

I want to expand my marriage, being a mother, my business and be the healthiest/fittest I have ever been.

I want to relax into my good and let abundance flow in all areas of my life.

It’s going to be a wonderful year.

How to get what you want in 2017

Every New Year’s Eve David and I write out our goals and desires for the new year. It’s something that has evolved over the years and started from my daily journaling process.

For me journaling is a powerful tool. I use it to center myself, as a release, to set goals and to manifest.

Journaling feels good. I start with writing out things I want to experience (for example: categories such as business growth, physical goals, travel, etc), then I go into more detailed self-growth goals for the year. They are less about goals and more about focuses.

It is about writing out who I want to become and what I want to experience in the following year.

Each year is a chance for us to start anew. To shift our focus. We can learn from the year we have had and decide what we want the next year to be.

2016 caught me by surprise.

I had the best moments of my life and I had some of the worst. I kind of feel like 2016 beat the shit out of me. But, I’m not going to let that energy move into 2017.

The hardships of 2016 taught me that I am physically and mentally much tougher than I had previously thought. I am capable of more love than I ever thought was possible and last year I was forced to really surrender to each moment.

In 2017 I want to feel good and I encourage you all to come with me.

Give journaling a try. It is a powerful tool if you let it.

If being present, releasing anxiety and having your goals in front of you are things that you are looking to manifest for 2017 I highly recommend journaling.


how to get what you want

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