I dare you to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in pure love!!! – Love for yourself and to all you encounter.

Love isn’t found in a card or a box of chocolates. Love is in a kind gesture, words that encourage others or actually listening to someone else without trying to come up with what you want to say next. Love is a vibration that can be shared with many.

Give a little to everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Single on Valentine’s Day

Pour yourself a hot bath and be grateful for your health and everything that you are.

If you wish to be in a relationship and currently aren’t do not spend this day feeling sad. Take the time to write a list of the perfect qualities in your perfect mate. When you are done writing your list know you deserve this perfect person and they will come to you when the timing is perfect. Be grateful for this, tuck the note away somewhere safe and keep celebrating love.

Being negative about others expressing love for each other on Valentine’s Day only pushes love away from you. Be happy for all the love you see.

With a Partner on Valentine’s Day

Remove the emphasis from stuff, chocolate and food and focus on love – Loving yourself and each other.

Write a list to your partner of all the qualities you are grateful for that they bring to your relationship. Let time stop for at least an hour just to hold each other in a loving vibration.

Everyone on Valentine’s Day

For everyone on Valentine’s Day send a note of love to at least 5 people you know. Let them know that you are just grateful they exist. Be part of the energy of turning Valentine’s Day into another beautiful day to celebrate love in all it’s forms instead of a commercial holiday.

Love yourself, love the people in your life and love strangers.

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