Meditation helps to get to know who you really are on the inside.  It involves 15-30 minutes of alone time a day.  For many, this is their only alone time of the day!  It gives you the time to organize your thoughts and direct your focus for the day!  This is when you need to speak to yourself and take control of what is going on inside.  I recently read that our negative thoughts come automatically…our positive ones we need to insert.  The more positive ones you insert the less negative ones you will have.  This is your time to talk nice to yourself and provide your mind with as many GOOD things as possible.  This will weed out some of the negative.

How do you meditate?

There are many different ways to meditate.  The main focus should be to have quiet.  There should be no external distractions.  A very common meditation technique is to listen to guided meditation CDs.  This is the best idea for a beginner.  The person on the cd will make sure your attention is in the right place.  They are timed out perfect so you don’t have to be looking at your watch.  They provide affirmations and self-questions that will help you decide what to think about.

Some points about meditating:

1) Try to meditate in the same spot everyday.
2) Be in a comfortable ‘receiving’ position.  Either sitting upright with a straight back (preferred) or laying down facing up.
3) If you are sitting upright have a comfortable pillow underneath you.
4) You should meditate for 15-30 minutes everyday.
5) This should be done first thing in the morning.  It is an amazing way to start your day and should set the tone for your day!
6) If you are unsure about what you should be thinking about when you first start you should direct your focus to what you want to change in your life.
7) This should be followed by focusing on already having what you want for your life.
8) In addition, you should focus on thankfulness and appreciation for the amazing life you already have!

What am I doing right now?

I meditate for 20 minutes every morning.  Lately, I have been doing a Wayne Dyer CD with a track called AH Meditation.  It includes a series of affirmations.  I like to keep my meditation very basic focusing on the things I have highlighted in my 8 points.

This is a beginners guide to meditation.  Use it to get started and to figure out what is right for you!