Here are the best tried and true ways to avoid and conquer late night munchies. These preparations and methods work and are used everyday by my successful clients and myself. They are simple yet powerful! Incorporate them into your daily life and you are sure to kiss those late night cravings goodbye.

1- Don’t skip a meal hungry or not.

During the day make sure you are eating your 5-6 meals. Eating all your mini meals is the best way not to be out of control at night. The worst cravings come from being so hungry you are out of control with your choices. Prevent this by eating your meals all day and not letting yourself get to the point of starvation! Eating each healthy mini meal not only keeps you satisfied it also keeps your energy levels up and your blood sugars regular without spikes and dips.

2- Drink 3 liters of water per day

Keep yourself hydrated. Most of the time when you “have the munchies” you are actually thirsty! Spread your water out throughout the day and always have a bottle or glass on hand. When you feel the craving coming on go for 2 glasses of water first. You will be surprised how much easier handling the craving can be when you are hydrated.

3- Plan a snack for 2-3 hours after supper

Have a snack after supper. This should be your 5th or 6th mini meal. A great choice would be celery with one tablespoon of peanut butter or 12 almonds and a plain protein shake are other great options. Stick to healthy fats and protein at this time. You want to feel satisfied without raising your blood sugars. Avoid fruit and starchy carbs at this time.


4- Don’t bring it in your house if you don’t want to eat it

I know if you follow my blog you will realize I say this all the time. It is the BEST way to prevent times of weakness. If it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. Prepare for success. Only bring foods into your home that reflect what you are trying to do. If it isn’t on your meal plan, don’t buy it. Simple, yet so effective.

5- Herb teas in fruit flavors

The flavors of teas out there are awesome! Mango, Passion Fruit, Mojito, Mint, Chocolate the list goes on and on. After supper have one of these teas. They are amazing. These teas are refreshing and so satisfying. If you are looking for the extra sweetness add some stevia. With some of these flavors you will think you are having candy. I am hooked on the Mojito flavor right now. I feel like I am having a tropical cocktail after supper. I also love the simple ½ a squeezed lemon, hot water and stevia. This is hot lemonade. The warmth of the teas soothes and comforts and the fruity flavors satisfy. Stock up on your tea flavors and have fun with this.


6- Have fruit during the day

Make sure to have some fruit during your day. These natural sugars are going to be your new sweetness. Don’t miss out on them. Enjoy fruit while you are eating it and take in the natural, sweet flavours.

7- Brush your teeth

After your supper, night snack and herb tea brush your teeth. The feeling of a clean mouth naturally lets you know you are done eating. Food won’t taste as good and you will want to keep your breath fresh. Try this! It really works!

8- Get down and give me 10

Hit the floor for a mini workout. Ever notice you are not hungry when you are really busy? Get down in front of the TV (cause this is where most cravings go down) and do: 10 push ups, 10 V ups , 10 triceps dips and 10 jump squats. Repeat this full set as many times as you can. You will be so impressed with this fast, yet intense workout you won’t want to ruin the results. If you can get out and go for a walk after supper do so.

9- Skip the potatoes at supper

If you are on any of the DAMY Health Plans you know all about this. Skip the starchy carbs at supper time. Simply put… you don’t need them. After supper for most is time to rest and you don’t need the quickly used fuel. At night you won’t use these carb so your blood sugar will spike and you will store fat. This also leads to craving more sugar. So just skip it and leave these carbs to the day time when you need the energy.

10- Write it out

Write out all the reasons you are eating healthy and working out, your goals and how great you feel when you stick with your game plan. Have a recipe card on-hand with everything written out and read it over at times of weakness.


11- Get vision boarding

Work on your vision board. Seeing your goals and images that inspire you is a wonderful reminder of why you are sticking to your game plan! This makes you feel good and excited about reaching your goals.


12- Keep your meal, lifestyle and exercise plan in sight.

Read over your DAMY plan! Have your plan printed out in a binder where you can pick it up and read it over when you are feeling weak! It is a great reminder and can make you feel rejuvenated! Surf the DAMY private site for great articles, motivation, new recipes and workouts. It’s there for you to stay motivated so use it! DAMY Members email me all the time at their time of weakness and we work through it together. This is one of the many benefits of being part of a healthy community and having a coach on hand to turn to.


Last but far from least just stick with it. The longer you stick with not eating at night the easier it gets. Remember you are breaking a habit! It takes sometime to reprogram your body. Stick to it! It is more than worth it!

What do you crave at night?