For many of us when starting a new lifestyle the goal can look too big, too far away, too hard to get to.

This thinking loop can stall us from even starting on our way to our goals.

This is the biggest lie we feed ourselves and all it does is keep us from moving forward today.

Can you lose 20 pounds this week? No. But that should not stop you from creating a better tomorrow, next week, next month.

The time is going to pass anyway.

You are going to experience next month, 6 months from now, next year so why not go into the future feeling strong, powerful and vibrant.

You can make big changes/shifts today and create a better tomorrow, next week, next month. Time is going to pass anyway why not spend it making progress towards your goals, radiant health & confidence!

You will not lose 20 pounds today but you CAN feel much lighter by next week.

You CAN this week – increase your energy, experience better sleeps, get into the groove of loving yourself and move closer toward your goals.

What can you do in 7 days? Turns out a lot! To see a great example of change in 7 days go here.
Don’t let your goal overwhelm you. Take that feeling you feel and turn it into motivation. We can let our desires crush us or inspire us. We each have the choice everyday. Today choose to get out in front of yourself and lead yourself into the future of your dreams.

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