How to stay on track while traveling!

Here are DAMY’s 4 essential tips to keep you on track while on vacation!

1. Number one tip and the most important! Plan for success! Without a plan you plan to fail. Figure out how many days you are staying, if there is a fridge or if you can request one. Many hotels will give you a fridge in your room if you simply ask with no charge. If you don’t have one! Easy! Get ice and load up your sink or a garbage can (use a bag if you do this one…lol) and put all your food that need to be cold on top!

Bring with you:

A soft cooler that is the right size for your trip (depending on length away). If you do not own a soft cooler at most grocery stores and gas stations they have “hot or cold” travel packs. They are inexpensive and can be found everywhere.

Pack sliver wear (all the basics)
Re-usable, stainless steel water bottle.

Pack all your breakfasts! This way you will start your day off right and you will feel great about it! This simple move will set the rest of your day up for success. Your blood sugars will be balanced and your moods will be great leading to great decisions the rest of the day.

Here is the perfect travel breakfast and it takes up no room.  Make these portioned out before you leave home:

In small ziplock bags portion out your dried, 1 cup old fashion oats, 1-2 T ground flax, 1 scoop protein powder, and 2T dried fruit (natural unsweetened like raisins or cranberries) and stevia (if wanted).

Have as many days as you are going to be away in these separate, small ziplocks. All you then need for breakfast is a bowel and hot water! Instant, perfect breakfast great for travel!

Perfect food to prepare and bring with you (if you would like and don’t have any of the following recipes please check

DAMY Turkey Muffins

DAMY homemade Protein bars (Homemade only)! Maybe try the new Sweet Potatoes ones!

Homemade or store bought LARA Bars
Bring raw almond, walnuts, dried cranberries
Hard fruit like apple and pears
Fresh cut veggies for easy snacking

Where to find great food and what to eat:

Find a local farmers market when you get there. Pick up a salad, blueberries, hummus, and whole grain wraps (what a yummy lunch for the next couple days).

When out eating don’t be afraid to ask for a grilled, plain chicken breast or fish. Ask for veggies steamed or plan. Baked sweet potatoes are a great carb choice!

Things like “delis” have great whole grain sandwiches and other healthy, local options. Don’t be afraid to say no mayo and just mustard, lean protein and lots of veggies.

Wendi’s and McDonald’s have great salads now. I know there is an asian chicken salad that is amazing! Make sure to get an oil dressing and skip croutons and extra cheese. Wendi’s also has a great chili that is okay.

At the grocery store when you get there grab a veggie tray for snacking. There are always hot baked chicken and great fruit trays.

Have fun on your trip and take the anxiety of your diet plan out of the picture. Life is about balance. Have your treats while on vacation but keep it clean 80% of the time! Let me know how your trips go.