I am going to ask you all to do me a huge favour today. Take 5 minutes alone and think of 5 things you would like to accomplish by Christmas. This could be a variety of things. It could be eat clean 1 week perfect each week with one treat a week, workout 5 days a week, run 5 k, take one hour a week of “me time”, volunteer, lose 25 pounds, love yourself more, fit in a certain dress, read more, tell yourself an affirmation everyday till then, journal everyday, what ever!!!!!

You can chose a million things. Write down 5 and place them somewhere you will see them every morning. Read them every morning. For some write your goals then a reminder of why you want to accomplish these goals.

Ex- Lose 25 pounds- I want to do this to feel the sense of accomplishment I have never felt of me setting a goal and following through, I want to feel sexy for myself and my partner, I want to feel true health, I want to show my children, friends and family what a healthy, strong, busy woman/man looks like, I want to live a long happy life, I want to fit in those jeans!!!

You can make it suited to you and your reasons! If you are having trouble I am always here to help! I would love to see your list when you are done!

Please do this for me and you! You will thank me, I promise.

Stick this note on your bedroom mirror, the bathroom mirror, or the fridge. Wherever you will see it in the mornings. Take the time to really ready it (this takes a second). Even when you “know” what it says read it anyway!

You all are making me so proud! Thank you all!