I have been LOVING 2011! So far so great! DAMY Health is booming, my clients are reaching unreal goals, my husbands marks in school are the best they’ve ever been, and my physique is in an amazing place muscle and energy wise. I am just feeling on-FIRE in every department of my life. Everything has fallen into place. I am just so grateful.
Last week was my birthday. Now, anyone that knows me well knows that my birthday has always been a time that I do not enjoy. It isn’t about getting older… it’s a whole another thing. I’ll discuss this in another post. This year I am happy to announce that things have really changed. I have gotten better at the birthday thing the last few years and this birthday was the absolute best yet. No, I didn’t do anything special. I worked that day and my husband studied all night BUT late in the evening of my birthday I found out this:

Such an amazing feeling! This contest started last year with 500 women. It came down to a 159 woman contest. Then, there was a top 25 count down. Landing the #9 spot was amazing. The women that are in the top ten are all amazing women. Most are published with sponsors. To be among them feels just so wonderful! To be in my first magazine feels great. Don’t worry, I will let you all know when the mag comes out!
Thank you to everyone that voted for me over the last year. Many of you helped me get the word out. Thank you to the 2 papers that also featured my story. I am blessed to have such great people in my life.

Here are some pics from this year-long journey!



Do you enjoy your Birthday?