I love Mrs. Dash! It is a great add on to pasta, chicken, fish , salad, and so much more! You never have to worry about awful water retention from sodium as there is little to none with no added sugar in these yummy little shakers!  Try these and you will be surprised at how they really make what your eating have that extra punch guilt free!!!  My personal favourite at the moment is “extra spicy.” Go out and try one of these this week with your meal! The perfect DAMY addition to the kitchen!

Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasoning Blends have a new look with all of the same delicious flavor!
As always, Salt-Free, All-Natural and No MSG

There are 15 flavors of Mrs. Dash® Salt-Free Seasoning Blends and add delicious taste to everything in your kitchen from seafood to salads, and always with no MSG. Each Mrs. Dash® Seasoning Blend is an all-natural blend of 14 natural herbs and spices and adds unique flavor to every dish.
Spice things up in your kitchen with the bold, exciting flavors of two new varieties – Mrs. Dash® Caribbean Citrus Seasoning Blend and Mrs. Dash® Citrus Lime Seasoning Blend

Add the robust flavors of the Caribbean and Mexico to your menus, and always salt-free and no MSG