There is a lot to be said about visualization. It has been used for centuries by many great individuals. From professional athletes to our world’s greatest teachers (Albert Einstein). It is a tool that can be used by everyone. We all have read about vision boarding. We believe this can assist you in reaching all your goals. A vision board can have pictures of healthy bodies, laughing friends, wealth, health, fun, travel, great quotes, or anything you’d like to experience in your life. It’s a great creative process to sit down and really allow yourself to dream big. As humans one of our biggest downfalls is cutting ourselves short. Here are some great tips to help jumpstart your visualization:

1) Choose a picture of a healthy, strong female body and put it on your fridge.
2) Put your vision board in a place where you will see it every morning.
3) Put an inspiring quote on your bathroom mirror or where ever you get ready in the morning.
4) Add an inspirational message and a picture to your workout area.
5) Add to your vision board continuously (we are made to evolve and change our minds).

Dream big! There are no limits but the ones we set for ourselves.

Amy Layne