Can we turn back the clock? Can we regain our youth? Is aging in reverse possible?

The truth is that I don’t really know but do know it sure seems possible based on my own life experience.

Most of the clients I work with come to me through the doorway of wanting to lose excess weight. What I have discovered through my own life journey (and now having worked with thousands of women) is that the excess weight is always a side effect.

It is very rare that gaining excess body fat is from just simply not noticing you are eating too much.

So, through the doorway of weight loss my clients arrive but once they get here we find ourselves working on the real reason they feel “heavy”.

Of course we first get set up consuming purely nourishing foods. This not only has the body now using the energy that we consume as clean fuel but it also feeds the brain. It helps balance blood sugars and in turn stabilizes moods. We then add in workouts that get the body moving, the blood pumping and sweat flowing. This begins the journey of removing stagnant energy from the body.

Finally, we get to work on releasing the blocks that have prevented optimal health, radiant energy, glowing skin and a vibrant life.

When I reflect on my journey that in turn created everything that DAMY Health has become I can’t help but be in awe of how dramatically different my life is. My 2007 self feels like a different human.

I felt heavy mentally and physically. I felt in a fog, disappointed, trapped and was honestly leading a life I didn’t feel connected to in any way, shape or form.

I was on a hamster wheel of poor decision making and had no idea that I could just step off at any moment.

It was deep emotional pain that finally set me on the right path.

I knew somewhere in my soul that life was meant to be good and that instead of beating myself up for not being what I felt I could be I could take that same amount of energy and start to create the person I knew I could be.

The amount of energy expenditure it took to keep myself in that little box of misery ending up being the same amount of energy it took to get me out. Doing the work to create a better life in turn gave me more energy, I saw positive results and I felt so much better.

When I look at pictures of myself from 2007-2008 I see someone who feels older than they should, tired and sad. When I look at the picture of myself today I genuinely feel like I look younger and lighter on all levels.
Is Aging in Reverse Possible?
I’m also 30lbs lighter.

My skin is dramatically a better texture.

I have far more energy than I ever did in my 20’s.

My digestion, sleep, anxiety, work, relationships, career and joy are all dramatically richer or healed.

So can you age in reverse? In my life experience, absolutely.

The best advice I can give anyone out there looking to feel lighter and younger again is to commit to a healthy eating program (high in fruits and vegetables), commit to working out daily and commit to sitting down with yourself or another person to figure out what those blocks or lies you have been telling yourself are.

Why have you restricted your health and happiness? What fears come up for you when you envision your happiest, healthiest self?

Doing this inner work and erecting those pillars of a healthy diet and proper exercise is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

The better you feel the better you can serve everyone in your life. You are here to be healthy. You are here to be happy. You are here to see your dreams realized.

The most exciting and fantastic thing about starting to take care of yourself is that it is like putting gold in the bank. Once you start your journey every action you take towards being healthy builds on the previous. It is a chain reaction that only gets better.

Please remember on your journey that this is not about perfection. It is only ever about doing your best in your current circumstances. When I began my journey I focused on getting my eating on point, drinking my water and walking as much as possible.

Please see my journey not as an exception but as an invitation. Embrace change, do the work and have faith.

Is Aging in Reverse Possible?
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