I have been doing something weird. I have to let it out!!! Not only is it weird, but it Works!

 Ok, flash back to last summer. Here in Victoria we had the best season! It was sunny everyday and was around 30 degrees. It was amazing. We were in paradise! The sun was up until 9 pm every night. My husband and i would go to the beach most evenings after he was done work. We would sit and talk about our day. We got so golden brown you would think we lived in L.A. With the tan came lightning of my hair. It became a few shades lighter and made me think of when I was little. I had white blonde hair when I was young and winter after winter my hair had become darker shades of blonde. I had this idea that I wanted to go platinum blonde one more time before I got to the age where is was more tacky then sexy. So I went for it. I didn’t want to ask my stylist to do it in fear she would say “ok, why are you doing this?” So I went and got all the pro bleach and did it myself. Well, not just myself. I may have also drug my poor husband into it too. oh boy was this not fun. As soon as I rinsed the burning bleach from my hair I thought ” oh, lord what did I do?” But being one that believes it’s just hair I went with it. It turned out kind of nice! It was different and funky! I had fun with it! I don’t think it was my family’s favourite. When going home for a visit i was greeted by my sister with a “your hair is really blonde eh?” lol. So the point is it was fun, great, whatever….but I was left with some damage!!! I have never had unhealthy hair in my life. This was upsetting to me! I really was sad about it! I bought all kinds of damage control product and nothing really seemed to work. UNTIL I had the light bulb moment!!! I was putting on my body butter and thought “I love natural products and what I am trying to do with my hair is moisture it”…Well I put the body butter in my hair that night before bed and have not looked back. I swear it has done amazing things to my hair! It is so shiny and strong!! The split ends are no longer a problem! I put a couple dime sized drops in my hair every night before bed. I love it and will keep doing it. The NBW Desire body butter is my favourite in the world and I can’t live without it! NWB! Natures balance wellness! Love this stuff! I worked with it when I had my spa and still always have it in the house! It is all natural and comes in so many yummy flavours!

 If you live in Amherst, it can be found at “The Glamouramma”. (Marj can hook you up) for the rest of you check it out on line! http://www.nbw.ca/ The start up story is also great and you can feel good about supporting a company that is kind and doing good for the world! They have many other wonderful products like their sugar/salt scrub! Check them out! 

Amy Layne