For those of you that know me you would probably be aware of the fact that I have always been an avid journal-er. Not in the sense of “dear diary” but more of an outlet to write down daily tasks, my water consumption, my meals and snacks, and energy levels at different points in the day. It is a great tool to keep you honest. In the beginning stages of these programs it’s all about getting the right measurements of food, eating at certain times, and learning new exercises…It can be a bit overwhelming. Everyday I have written out my times to eat/drink. After I have that meal I write down what I consumed and check it off. It feels great. I also look back on days that I felt satisfied and full of energy.

Having a journal also is a great tool to assist you in becoming more in-tune with your body (your specific needs and patterns). You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a journal. What I choose to do is print off my meal plan for the month, exercise program, and grocery list. I have them all in a binder with a divider marked off as my journal section. I just add more loose-leaf as I need it. If you like the feeling of completing a journal and storing it away, then, Dollarama has some great small journals. Remember ladies you are also leaving a legacy (book-deal anyone?).

Amy Layne