Today we are celebrating the awesomeness that is Kiara! Kiara is a beam of light that has been a joy to be on this journey with.

She radiates positivity and kindness.

We have adored having Kiara in the DAMY Health community.

She did not have excess body fat to lose but rather wanted to take her fitness, health and self-love to the next level. That is exactly what she used the Bikini Body Program to accomplish.

Kiara – You are gorgeous from the inside out. You are fresh breath of air and I have adored working with you.

You look absolutely fit, healthy and gorgeous. You are the perfect example of health starting from the inside followed by manifesting physically.

Kiara Before and After Bikini Body Program DAMY

Kiara’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Amy is nothing short of a miracle. Such a light and filled with joy and love.”

I began the program at 116 lbs. For years I had an obsession with the scale. This time around, I didn’t weigh in. It was more about toning up for me and I see a difference in this area for sure.

My goal during this program was not really for weight loss, but rather improvement of overall health. I discovered that regular exercise is actually fun!!

Growing up as a dancer, I really didn’t spend much time on a treadmill or in a gym because I got all I needed at the studio. As I got older…oh the lazies crept in…it is true what we hear that regular exercise gives us the abundant energy we need along with feeding our bodies healthy food and changing the way you look at yourself. No more negative self talk, what you believe about yourself manifests in the world around you.

All 3 play such an important role in terms of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. I’ve grown in all 3 areas because of this program for sure and wouldn’t trade that for anything.

What do you love about DAMY?

Please!!! What’s not to love. Seriously, have you all seen those photos posted on regular basis of all the yummy treats, not to mention the inspirational quotes. I’m hooked.

Amy is nothing short of a miracle. Such a light and filled with joy and love. A passion for helping others and seeing them succeed in their goals. No pretending about it folks, she’s the real deal and she shines. I appreciate, honor her and wish her continued success as this program reaches many, many more. Thanks you, Doll.

– Kiara (Bikini Body Program Member)

Update from Kiara!

“Sweet Amy,

Just saw that you featured my story on your site today!! Thank you! What an honor.

Shortly after that photo was taken, I got pregnant with our second daughter, Legacy.

She is now 14 months old!! Times flies. I used your program again to help me get in shape.

Thought I’d just send a little updated photo. Me, Harley (6) and Legacy (14 months)

Pray you are well.
Heaps of love to you!

Kiara xo”


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