Kristen is the perfect example of how creating and living a healthy lifestyle is not just about outward appearances it is about feeling your best.

Kristen was obviously already lean and fit but wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, create more muscle and define the muscle she already had. Essentially she wanted to feel and look healthy. She accomplished just that!

I think it is really important to share stories like Kristen’s as for some people (especially women) we are highly motivated by esthetics. Meaning, once we gain extra weight we then start concerning ourselves with our health. Not everyone has a predisposition to gain large amounts of body fat so it’s important to focus on being healthy from the inside out no matter if you have excess body fat to lose or not.

Being and feeling healthy and living an optimal lifestyle is always our number one goal. Of course the side effect of that is looking radiant and healthy.

Kristen – Great job Kristen! You are a star. You look beautiful and I’m so proud that you feel great.

Kristen’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I have defined muscle for the first time! “

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I only lost about 5 pounds but I gained so much muscle! I lost about an inch in my stomach and thighs! I’m the same size in clothes as I was and I know this doesn’t sound like a very good transformation but it is! My body composition changed so much and I have defined muscle for the first time!

My energy definitely changed just from eating the right foods and really opened my eyes to a whole new way of living! I feel better about myself and I love getting your encouraging optimistic emails, they always help a bad day!

Another thing is because of DAMY I have been trying to cut out meat! It’s amazing because I was eating chicken every single day and now I’ve been focusing on eating vegetarian!

I love the structure of DAMY! There’s so much structure but it isn’t too much where you feel constricted! I love ALL the recipes and how you are so willing to answer any questions and help as much as you can!!

This program is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!! I’m trying to get my mom to sign up! Thank you so much 🙂
Kristen Before and After Final

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