Check out Kristen’s BBEC Bikini Body Program Transformation! Kristen is the perfect client. She simply took the DAMY Health Program, advice, principles and methods and followed them.

She let go of the dieting hamster wheel, the self-defeating thoughts and gave in to letting herself be the best she can be. Kristen’s before pictures are actually 6 weeks into the program. She, like so many of us, didn’t want to take those before pictures. But, when she started seeing her body change she thought “I better take these pictures…”

It had clicked and she knew that she was going to be in the best shape of her life. This isn’t a diet to Kristen. This is who she is now. She is only going to improve in every way. Kristen is a genuine, sweet, easy person to have in your life. I am so genuinely happy for her and her accomplishments.

I want everyone to read Kristen’s story to understand that this is so much more than just a physical transformation. Kristen has put what DAMY Health is as a lifestyle and attitude perfectly into words. We are so much more than just a nutrition and fitness program and she “got” that. In the process she changed her life.

Kristen – you have been a complete joy to work with. You feel like a comfortable friend. Thank you for showing exactly what you are supposed to do with the Bikini Body Program. You are the exact embodiment of the woman I created this program for. Someone ready to make a change, ready to love themselves and just take on this new lifestyle! Thank you so much!

Kristen’s Success Story“I finally regained the self-confidence I had lost the past 3 years!”
Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 3My goal during the BBEC (Bikini Body Program) was to weigh 125lbs, get more toned and have abs and be confident with my body. I 100% believe I achieved these goals, my starting weight was 144lbs and my current weight is 125.8lbs, but not only did I achieve the number I had wanted, I was able to lose 2.5 inches from my bust, 3.6 inches from my waist, and 2.9 inches from my hips, and I also gained much more muscle tone than I had ever had. More than all of this though, I finally regained the self-confidence I had lost the past 3 years. I’m no longer trying to hide my body behind baggy clothes or embarrassed and worried about wearing a bikini, I’m actually the complete opposite now, I’m excited to show off my accomplishments! The other huge goal I achieved during the BBEC is with my attitude around eating, I have gained freedom from the emotional eating roller coaster and now have complete control over the foods I eat and I now desire to be eating clean and healthy foods to take the best possible care of my body and health!

My body has changed immensely, but I think the more important changes are in my life, I now am routinely going to the gym 6 days a week and am getting into the best shape of my life. I have soooooo much more energy and excitement and truely enjoy working out and taking care of my body. In terms of mental changes, before the BBEC I was so hard on myself and had such a negative attitude and would almost get into a depressed state about my weight and how far I had let things go, but now I am so pleased with my accomplishments and feel 100% better about my body.

I am so proud of myself for being able to complete this challenge and to actually stick with it, (seeing improvements and weight coming off each week made it easier to stick with it tho:)). My motivation has probably been one of the biggest areas of change, before my motivation was to lose weight and as soon as the scale stopped moving I gave up, now my motivation is to improve my health and well being. I have learned about the benefits of eating healthy and what is actually normal healthy eating, not what north-america considers normal and I’ve also learned how to set goals and always have something to work for.

My future goals are to continue with this new lifestyle for the rest of my life and to continually challenge myself to achieving new fitness goals, I would eventually like to have the body of a fitness model, so my first goals are to step up the weight training and workouts, now that I pretty much have the diet down and my husband and I also would like to run our first marathon together by the end of 2012.Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 2

This program works! It’s not about a quick temporary fix, although you will see quick results, its more about a complete change of lifestyle that is 100% do-able and maintainable. It’s really about a complete mind and body transformation. And the fact that we have access to you whenever needed is awesome and that it is so personalized, you specify everything to each of us and our own needs, which is unlike any other program I’ve ever tried. and its also the most affordable program ever!!!

I love the weekly check-ins, they keep me on track and accountable. I also love your blog and the AMAZING recipes you come up with!!!!! And my third favorite thing I love about DAMY Health is the daily little motivation emails you send us, sometimes they come at just the right time :).

I have gained so many benefits from this program. Number one – the weight loss and body transformation, number two – the desire and motivation to workout everyday and to always be challenging myself and setting new goals, number three – the mental change around eating and the foods I eat and why I eat them (no more emotional eating), number four – the attitude I now have and self-confidence in my body, (I’m no longer ashamed for my husband to see my body) and number five – the energy and excitement I have for life now!

Coach Amy Layne is an amazing person, she responds individually to each of our weekly check-ins and is always so eager and enthusiastic and genuinely cares for each of our goals and achievements. She is soooo dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and is willing to put alot of her time in to us. Her passion for health is contagious, I honestly feel like so many of my own personal attitude changes around eating, fitness, healthy lifestlye, etc are directly because of Amy’s passion and attitude. She is amazing! Thank You Amy!

PS: about my pictures, the before pics were actually taken about 6 weeks into the program, because I had been too ashamed and embarrassed with my body to take a picture when I first started, totally wish I had of tho!

– Kristen

More of Kristen’s Before and Afters

Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 1

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