When I began my blogging mission my intentions were high. But, then life happened. A move, a huge change in life plans, a cross-country trip, and starting a business. So I’m going to try this again! 

      I the last few years I have had a growing passion for fitness, well-being, and nutrition. After changing my career to suit my passions I decided to take my personal fitness level to whole new grounds. I decided I want to be a fitness competitor and fitness model. In the beginining of September I became part of the Cathy Savage Team as part of the Perfect Body Online program. It is a prep program for competing and getting ready to be a fitness model. They also provide networking and promotion of us ladies on the PBO team. I am thrilled to be a Savage Sister! The level this program takes you is incredible. I have been doing the program for four weeks and feel stronger and tighter than ever. They are definitely the guidance to the level I want to be at. I guess every coach needs their coach. 
      I will be going to my first show in Vegas in November! I am excited and nervous about my first experience. As the weeks get closer and closer I feel the anxiousness setting in. I am proud of myself for doing something that scares me a little and for pushing myself out of my box. I am practicing what I preach and it feels great! I will keep you all posted on the ups and downs of my ride to Vegas! I recently had some photos done for the PBO team and for my fiance and I’s new business DAMY Health.  
     We are beyond excited to get our business up and running! David and I come from varied fitness and wellness backgrounds. David played varsity basketball at the top Canadian level, has a BSc from Royal Military College and is a former Naval Officer. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach. I am an esthetician, make-up artist, product expert, wellness coach certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist. We believe in whole-health and well-being. We work to improve all areas of your life to insure that you are living your best life. We treat everyone on an individual basis from online nutrition and fitness programs to in-home fitness consulting, in-home nutrition consulting including kitchen raid, outdoor one-on-one training and boot-camps, event preparation (weddings, anniversaries, trips), and couples weight-loss programs and training. We also do beauty consulting, product tips, and personal shopping (clothing that suits your body). We are in email contact with out clients daily and for our online clients we have Skype or phone conversations weekly. We are an all-in-one stop for anyone looking for support, guidance, or just collected information and knowledge to help you reach your personal goals. Can’t wait to meet you all and help you be your very best. Please follow my blog for information, tips, recipes and updates. Also, check out our website at www.damyhealth.com coming soon! We have a fan page and a group on Facebook where we will also be updating information about DAMY Health. Please join us and contact us if you have any questions or comments. Have a blessed day. 
Amy Layne