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Have you ever been skeptical of the impact of your lifestyle choices on your future health? We have all had someone in our lives who was extremely healthy and died young. It is discouraging to think about.

It has caused many of us to question everything we do.

Even though we all have these outlier examples in our lives we should hesitate to reach for that beer and burger because “So and so ate healthy and they still got cancer…”

In my life I try to weigh objectivity and scientific facts higher than my own personal bias when deciding about causation of events. Even though most of us know someone healthy who died too young research shows us that it is much more rare than unhealthy people experiencing a shorter lifespan.

Today on the show we discuss two recent very important pieces of research that highlight how our overall lifestyle impacts our cancer risk (hint… healthier people develop less cancer) and how the typical western diet can potentially increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

If cancer and alzheimer’s are in your family this episode is an important one to consider. It may give you reason to tighten up your lifestyle choices and to stress less about genetic risk.

It is important to note that there will always be aspects of our health and lifestyle experiences that are out of our hands. For example, pollution, environmental exposures, infections and mental/emotional trauma are normally unavoidable. Genetics still accounts for a percentage of these ailments as well. This is all to say that it isn’t my intention to state that sickness is always caused by actions we take. There are many variables to consider.

In today’s episode we speak to the nutrition, fitness and stress reduction aspects of a healthy lifestyle that are so beneficial in disease prevention. Enjoy the show.

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