We share our struggles not for sympathy but for strength and hope. When we are honest and open about the challenges in our lives we shine light on the dark.

We gently remind others that we are all facing a private struggle.

We become a symbol of hope for those who believe they are the only ones in pain/fear.

I believe that if you are a person who pushes forward and decides to live a happy life no matter your current challenges are your responsibly is great. You are in a position to help create powerful change. You are the hope, strength and reminder that others may need.

I choose to be grateful for my life every day.
I choose daily (sometimes hourly) to be happy.
I choose to focus on my blessings over my challenges.

This doesn’t mean my pain and struggles are not heavy or real. It simply means I know I am not alone and that my blessings are greater than my struggles. I know that somewhere right now someone is suffering more than me at any given time.

So I am strong for them, for myself, for the ones I love.

When I share my struggles it is not for sympathy or attention. It is the truth. And I will always believe in the power of the truth. It can heal, change and empower.

Life is what you focus on after all. Does focusing on the light instead of the dark erase the struggles? No. But it lessens the grip of pain. It brings light to the pain and transforms it into something more powerful.

It gives pain and struggle it’s higher purpose. And in this, pain is transformed.

By bringing light to your darkness you can heal and in this Miracle (as in, a shift in perception) you give others the permission to heal too.

What a powerful gift.
LIGHT up your struggle


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