Today I am proud to share with you Maddie’s Bikini Body Program Success Story! Maddie was ready for a challenge and for change.

Maddie lost body fat, gained muscle and improved her endurance. The foundation of her change was her commitment to embracing the DAMY Philosophy. Mindset and self love is the foundation that makes this program or any program successful.

Maddie used our daily emails, articles and guidance to the full extent and this solidified her success. Maddie’s transformation is forever based on this fact.

Maddie – I’m so happy for you! Since day one you were a joy to work with. I’ve loved being on your journey of self discovery with you. Continue to love yourself and treat yourself like the goddess you are. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

Maddie’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“My arms and shoulders are more sculpted and I finally got rid of that bit of pesky fat on my back!”
While on this journey I lost a total of 8 pounds. I wasn’t overly concerned about losing numbers on the scale, (but it was nice to see) as i was more concerned about just changing the appearance of my body. The before and after pictures do not do any justice for what happened to my body. As a whole I lost 10 inches! I am definitely one that when I lost weight it just slowly comes off everywhere and not one place more than another.

My clothes all fit better, I was able to get some new summer shorts in a smaller size and overall, even though I’m not to my goal yet, I feel tighter and tinier! My arms and shoulders are more sculpted and I finally got rid of that bit of pesky fat on my back! I’m very excited about that one!

I think best of all, my sure fire reinforcement of my improvement was one Saturday when my husband decided to come to the gym with me and do my functional workout and he only made it half way through, and he is a fit guy! It was at that moment that he and I both realized exactly how hard I had been working; and it was so rewarding for me to know that I could do that workout completely!

DAMY has also helped me see the discipline I have in myself. I was very proud of myself to see that I had the self discipline to go through the whole program. I feel it’s something not a lot of people can say they did/do. My self-concept and self-esteem have been boosted, I have more sustaining energy through the day and I sleep much better at night!

What I loved most about the DAMY program was the daily emails. The little motivational quotes or pictures that I got each day really helped remind me what I was trying to accomplish and the only person that was going to stop my was myself. They have taught me to just be more positive, no my body isn’t in the perfect shape I’m trying to get to at the end of the 12 weeks, but that’s okay, I can look back and see how far I have come and how much easier it will be to get to my goal now more than ever. Those emails are definitely what got me into the right mindset!

I loved how much Amy was always cheering me on. Especially on those weeks that I felt i wasn’t getting anywhere! She reminded me that I was getting somewhere and so I couldn’t give up as I would only regret it! I love her optimistic personality, it definitely is what took this program from good to amazing!

– Maddie (Bikini Body Program Member)


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