How are your goals coming? Are you giving 100%? Do you find yourself making excuses? 

I think one of the biggest misconceptions lies in motivation. People perceive motivation as a phase or something some people are gifted with. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Motivation is a decision you make with yourself. It needs ‘continual renewal’ I like to call it. It takes effort. If you take the steps towards motivation and include them in your daily life you are sure to succeed. You make the decision to be motivated or not. Here are some helpful ideas of how to continually renew your motivation.

1) Make a list of all the reasons you want to be fit, healthy, and lose weight. These can range from looking hot for the summer to teaching your children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

2) Buy positive reinforcement material. When you are at the grocery store and want to buy a magazine skip the gossip mag and buy an Oxygen. Buy books that coincide with your goals.

3) Journal…Talk happy, motivated, and positively to yourself even when you don’t feel it. I believe that some days you have to fake motivation but I promise you in doing so true fueled motivation will follow.

4) Talk about your healthy lifestyle and goals. Let it out! Keep yourself on point by having to answer to some loved ones in your life. Tell them your goals. This will give you an extra push when feeling you want to jump off the wagon.

5) Join a program. Being part of a team or program is continual motivation. Find a coach you are comfortable emailing and telling you are feeling a lack of motivation. Find an involved program that goes beyond the meal and fitness plans.

6) Stop making excuses. Everyone is busy. The more you make time for a clean lifestyle and workouts the more time you will have. It is all possible! Look at Tosca Reno. This woman could not be busier. She owns a multi-component company, writes for magazines, travels around the world speaking and educating others on healthy living, competes in fitness competitions, and runs a house-hold herself. She cooks full clean meals for everyone in her family. If she can do it we all can do it! If you find yourself making excuses correct yourself.

7) Be happy and excited to workout. Feel the nutrients you are consuming when eating clean. Be grateful to have the physical ability to be able to workout. Feel proud and strong that you are nourishing your body. It’s that simple. Really think about it.

Amy Layne