I just wanted to write a quick note on motivation.

I think it is our job to figure out what motivates us and to surround ourselves with it. This is so different for everyone. Here are some things that work for me.

– Daily checklist including workouts, meals and water.

I check off my meals, water, workouts just like I do when I complete a work task. That big red check makes me feel good.

– I plan out my workouts 1 month in advance on a calender.

For me visually seeing what I am going to do that week or weeks to come makes me feel settled and confident.

– Pictures…I take my Oxygen magazine and cut out pictures of strong, healthy, beautiful women and put them in places in my house. I have one near my bed for when I wake up to remind myself of my goals. I have one on my fridge to remind myself to not over indulge.

– Journaling…I write out my goals once a week at least. Again, checking these off is an amazing feeling. What is an even cooler feeling is when I have found checklists from a year or two ago and realize my big dreams have come true! Never stop dreaming! No dream is too big! It’s all where you put your mind.

– Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you aren’t there yet yourself think of people in your life that make you feel good and that anything is possible. Make a phone date with them once a week. Believe me, this works!

– Focus on the outcome. Some of us have big goals that may seem far away. Never focus on your current circumstance…only daydream about your end result. Feel grateful that you are on this path and know that you will reach everyone of your goals.

I hope this can inspire you to inspire yourself!