Hi, my name is Amy Layne and I’m addicted to tea. It makes me warm, it’s caffeine free, it reminds me of Christmas and is calorie free! I’ve been sipping this all week during work. It’s just so cozy I had to share.

I’m coming up with some other ways to use it too. I highly suggest you pick up this Mulled Apple Herbal Tea this week from President’s Choice (no – President’s Choice is not and has not ever compensated me for reviewing or sharing the love of their products – but they should lol – no really…). If you enjoy Apple Cider you are sure to love this tea.

Mulled Apple Herbal Tea

Mulled Apple Herbal Tea
PC Mulled Apple Herbal TeaPC Herbal Tea
Delicious Tea
Best Tea


11:11 on 11/11/11

Hope you’re doing something special today. I will be watching this… Make sure to check it out.

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