I have a new mid-morning obsession. Let me first explain that it has been record HOT here is Vancouver. Now I am not complaining I am just stating facts.

With this heat I have had to find unique ways to cool down. One of my favorite ways is to cool myself from the inside out. That means creating fresh fruit drinks that are cool and soothing.

The recipe below is my current favorite.

It is cooling, soothing, healing, refreshing and hydrating. What more could you want on these hot summer days?!

Ready for my Secret Watermelon Elixor?
Secret Watermelon weight loss drink
Watermelon + Aloe + Coconut Water + Fresh Mint = my current summer go-to refresher.

The watermelon is soothing, sweet and hydrating.
The coconut water is super hydrating, balancing and replenishing.
The mint is cooling and refreshing.
The aloe is healing and soothing.

A combination made it heaven.

Oh, and it also tastes fantastic! I crave this every day now.

When I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook I had some questions about the aloe. A great brand I enjoy is “Lily of the Desert”.

It is all natural, pure aloe and organic. I use the “inner fillet” variety.

On the bottle there is a recommended dose you will want to follow or there could be a stronger laxative effect than desired. Aloe is wonderful for gut healing and digestion. It is soothing for the digestive lining and great for regularity.

Recipe – Don’t fuss too much with the portions.

  • 2 cups fresh chopped Watermelon
  • 2 cups of Pure Coconut Water
  • 4 Tbsp Aloe
  • 3-4 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • *Ice if you desire
  • *Drops of liquid stevia if you have a sweet tooth

Blend until smooth, serve and enjoy.

What is your current natural favorite drink/smoothie? (leave it in the comments below!)

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Secret Watermelon weight loss drink
Secret Watermelon weight loss drink
Secret Watermelon weight loss drink


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