Every new years eve my husband and I write out our desires for the new year. I also write out my wishes for my DAMY Health Community Members. My wish for you this year is simple, yet powerful.

When I was younger I hated my super white skin. All the women I considered beautiful were tanned golden brown like they lived on a tropical beach. I felt embarrassed of my skin and refused to wear shorts, tank tops, etc unless I was tanned.

In later years (when I moved into self tanner) I would refuse to go to events if I wasn’t sprayed with a deep tan.

I spent years of my youth using a tanning bed to brown my skin. It makes me so sad to think about now. I feel bad for that young girl who let the world tell her what was beautiful. I feel sad that I was lead to believe that using something that could give me cancer would make me beautiful.

I guess what I was thinking about tonight is how I see beauty in every woman and girl I work with. Everyone I meet to be honest.
My Wish For You This Year

My Wish For You This Year

One of my prayers for this year is that the women of the world decide to love themselves fully. If you are moving towards a goal, completing or just getting started….Love yourself. You are perfect as you are and then there is more. If you choose to see life as an ever evolving journey you will always be becoming more, refining desires and improving on your greatest yet to be.

If you take one thing into this year know you are beautiful the way you are.


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