I have been in love with NBW since their inception! I have always been in love with this natural skin care company.

When I was an Aesthetician I used their products on all my clients for body treatments, pedicures and manicures. Back then they had soaps, body butters, body wash and lotions. A couple years ago I was so excited when they came out with lip balms and tinted lips balms. Now, they have come out with what I have been praying for – skin care products!!!!

I am so thrilled. They currently have three different main lines:

They each have a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. For the last few weeks I have been using the “normal” products and I LOVE them!

My skin feels hydrated and smooth without any breakouts or oily feeling. The products I am using contain Rosehip and Green tea. They feel amazing on the skin. I am telling you these are my new favorite products.

There is also a deep pore masque, a deep pore scrub and an eye cream in this line that I am dying to try. I think I am going to try out their tinted sun lover moisturizer next.

Natural Skin Care ProductsNBW Skin Care Products

I cannot explain how happy I am to see this product line expand the way they have. It is a great company that makes amazing products and is always staying true to their vision.

I highly suggest NBW the next time you are ready to pick up new facial products. They are easy to find – all online! You will be so happy!

I am not going to go on for the millionth time about my love affair with their body butters, but honestly if you have yet to bring the scrub and body butter into your life you are missing out. Lately the Marigold Flavor has been getting rave reviews (it is about time people!!!).

At DAMY we suggest everyone on our weight loss programs use their choice of one of the body butters and scrubs to make sure their skin is healthy while their body is shrinking. Using these products has helped myself and many others not only prevent some stretch marks but reduce the appearance of existing ones!

Try it and you will be addicted!!!

Quick Notes: Marigold Magic Body Butter and Scrub

From: www.nbw.ca

Marigold Magic:

Skin issues? Sensitive skin? This blend is for you. Marigold is another term for Calendula; a powerful and renowned healing herb. We infuse organic calendula petals in organic, non-GMO soy oil and blend with Sweet Orange essential oil. Sweet orange replenishes dry and damaged skin. Calendula heals skin, soothes irritation and promotes skin regeneration.

Marigold Body Butter:

This butter is especially excellent for eczema, cracked and extra dry skin, burns (both sun and radiation) and pregnant bellies. It is also wonderfully gentle on babies and children.

Natural Skin Care


Marigold Body Scrub:

This scrub is especially excellent for irritated and extra dry skin. Regular use of this scrub will remove dead skin cells, moisturize your skin, help to disperse and eliminate cellulite, and stimulate blood flow which improves the oxygen supply to your body.

NBW Body Butter and Scrub Giveaway

Natural Body Butter

The fine ladies over at NBW are giving away a Marigold Body Butter and Body Scrub to a lucky reader!

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