When I was little my favorite thing was penny candies. The ultimate penny candies were the sweet and sour varieties.

Now that I’m older and in-tune with my body I don’t like the effects of packaged candy in my body. However, I found myself missing the flavor of that intense sweet mixed with the fresh sour. In comes this incredibly simple (I don’t know if you can even call it) recipe.

Only two ingredients… Ready? All you sweet and sour candy lovers are going to love me for this! Oh, and it’s raw vegan, unprocessed and straight from nature.

Here it is:

Sweet purple grapes with fresh squeezed lemon over top.

I use one lemon for 1 bowl of grapes.

This is incredibly simple and is so delicious. If you are like me and enjoy a contrast of flavors this sweet and sour, raw vegan, all-natural snack will be a life saver.

DAMY Members – 1.5 cups is an awesome meal 2 snack option.

Do you have any crazy simple snack ideas that rock? Leave them in the comments section below.



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