As many of you know I will be starting Naturopathic Medical School in August. I honestly couldn’t be more excited! I love being a Strength and Conditioning coach and I love working in my business but I am excited to be going into the field of Natural Medicine. I’m excited because the field is so new to so many people. I have an incredible opportunity to learn about natural health and wellness and I can’t wait to be able to promote natural health and wellness as a Naturopath. Many people are still up in the air about Naturopathic Medicine and many are unsure of the role of the Naturopath in our health care system. I want to highlight what Naturopathic Medicine is and why it is important.
Naturopathic Medicine is a primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine (taken from The main focus of Naturopathic Medicine is to promote the healing powers of the body. Practitioners treat the underlying cause of disease as opposed to the symptoms. Basically, they try to promote a well-functioning body and healthy lifestyle practices. This is so exciting for me as I am such an advocate for a balanced healthy lifestyle (the theme of this blog).
Naturopaths use a wide range of techniques, practices, medications, and advice to promote health. These range from traditional chinese medicine to diet and lifestyle changes. I am extremely excited to be learning about clinical nutrition, naturopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and homeopathy as well. There is so much to learn but it all sounds amazing.
Naturopathic is important because it gives people an opportunity to see a practitioner who will be looking out for their well-being as a living, breathing, human being. I have nothing against allopathic Physicians…I think they are great and they have their place as well but I know that it is great for people who have had negative experiences with allopathic Physicians to have the opportunity to see someone who will focus on treating the cause of disease. In BC we have a great opportunity as a Naturopathic Community because we will be able to prescribe allopathic medications and to perform minor surgery. This will enable Naturopaths to be primary care physicians and to be able to treat even those diseases or disorders that cannot or will not respond to Naturopathic treatment.
As you can tell I am extremely excited about my opportunity to study in this field. I know that one day I will be blogging about Naturopathic remedies and techniques I am most interested in or have had the most success with. Who knows what this blog will evolve into! I know for now lets stay on the topic of balanced health…I think Naturopathic care is part of that. If you have never been to a Naturopath I recommend going to see one. Go see what they do and how they can help. You won’t be disappointed.
If any of you have stories or comments you would like to share about a visit to a Naturopath or just about the field in general please feel free to comment below. Thanks!