Just wanted to send a quick message to let you all know how proud I am of each of you!! After the holidays it is HARD to get back on track…BUT You all have done amazing! Each of you inspire me. You are all women with lots going on in your lives. The way that you all have taken the bull by the horns and decided to make your life that much better blows me away. Lots of people talk about losing weight and improving their health but very few follow through. Every time you work out you are improving every aspect of your life. Every time you choose a healthy clean meal over junk you are taking a stand for yourself and your life.

For those of you with young children I know it is busy. I know that you spend most of your time doing things for and with your children. I hope that you know that what you are teaching your children about respecting yourself and being healthy is of such value. Teaching them how to take care of yourself and to make smart choices. That it is never to late for change. Leading by example is the best way to parent.

For each of you that has work on top of work but will slide that workout in at the crack of dawn or at midnight I applaud you.

For those of you that have classes and papers to write but still slide to the gym and make healthy whole meals. WOW. I know when I was in school I ate out of a can and had a love affair with my microwave. (it didn’t turn out well. That is a whole other conversation lol)

You are all amazing! In improving your lives you are having a ripple effect that inspires and creates good in others lives. Sure we all have bad days, too many treats or didn’t get enough time on the treadmill BUT we all jump right back on track. It is hard to see sometimes but we are doing this for us AND the people we love. To give to others we must be full to the point of overflowing in happiness with who and what we are.

Today I just want to say thank you to all of you that inspire me each day. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your journey. Please know that whatever your goal is we can get there. (With a positive, can-do attitude). Some days we have to fake the attitude but believe me if you act as if you can do it the real motivation will follow. We all have bad days but it is what we do with each choice on these days. Choose today to be proud of yourself. Sit down in a quiet place and make a list of things that are working in your life and the things that aren’t. Make a game plan to improve your self and your life continually. Let me know your goals. Lets work on them together!

I love you all! Thank you! XO

Amy Layne

DAMY Health