You do not have to workout like an athlete to have a healthy, fit and beautiful body.

The truth is that how you eat, how you think and the quality of your exercise routine plus consistency is the holy grail.

In fact, all weight loss or body consistency transformation results are achieved by consistency and quality of diet (diet meaning the collection of what you consume). 80% of all results are from what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and quality of what you eat.

What I’m saying is that when it comes to results your diet is king.

Since the inception of DAMY Health we have had thousands of women use our programs who were in situations where they were healing their bodies and unable to workout strenuously. In 90% of these cases these women not only met their goals they surpassed them through nutrition and mindset alone.

Am I saying you don’t have to workout? NO. But I am saying you do not have to torture yourself.

If you sincerely want to lose weight or lean out put your focus on your eating plan (and your mindset).

While doing this if you can get outside and walk briskly in nature for 45 minutes per day you will be shocked with the inner and outer transformation you can create.

I feel like so many of us get completely overwhelmed with the level of obsession with fitness in popular culture today. Many of us just can’t see ourselves working out two hours a day, doing crossfit and training like a triathlete just to look good naked. So, instead of doing what we can we do nothing.

My intention here is to spread the truth that you can live an amazing, healthy, balanced life and achieve your physical goals at the same time. This does not have to be torture. This does not have to be negative. AND you do not have to do workouts you hate (*If you hate moving then this does not apply to you lol).

Proof that 80% of your results is how you eat

Sometimes we need a living example to give us that confirmation that what we seek is attainable and I’m sure that you all get bored of looking at my mug. So, here’s Sarah.

Sarah’s before & after photos showing the results of her Bikini Body Program journey is‬ PROOF that how you eat is at least 80% of your results!

Sarah hit a road block and found herself unable to work out for some time. What Sarah had to face and go through would have most of us hiding under the covers and eating ice cream. This woman embodies mental strength and took this horrible life event and turned it into fuel.

The amazing thing is…she still created these results.
proof that 80 percent of your results is how you eat
Here is a sneak peak of Sarah’s Journey. Go here to read her full story:

“My first thought was, “OMG I am going to blow up like a balloon if I can’t workout!” But then I remembered something that I have heard from Amy “DIET IS 80%!” Well people, it is so true. I kept seeing results even without working out! “

Sarah’s journey is an incredible one. Use her journey as an affirmation that you can achieve the results you set your mind to as well.

Go here to read her full story.


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